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Because their spirits aren't broken

Pets with Disabilities - remembering our friends with the unbroken spirits

Ten years ago, Mike and I went down to our local rescue to adopt a new member of the family.  We saw this vibrant young shepherd mix, and knew he was the one to join us.  We brought him home and promptly named him Duke.  The rest is history....  but, since Duke, we've been blessed to know many friends with unbroken spirits - we know they are all with Duke now, watching over the rescue, and keeping us "rolling" with our mission.  Thank you to all of them.

Duke 1998-2010
(co-founder PWD)

We will miss you Duke!

See our Tribute to our Friend


Duke, the founding dog of Pets with Disabilities, broke his back, while puppy playing. Euthanasia was not an option, so we elected to get Duke a wheelchair and to give him a job to help other dogs and cats find homes that are disabled.  He has become a great "spokes-dog" for his cause!

MISTY  (1995-2008) (co-founder PWD)

Misty crossed the rainbow bridge in the fall of 2008, and will be missed my many - Please contribute to the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund - supporting the rescue of wheel chair dogs and dogs with back leg problems.

Misty was born with no hip sockets. As a puppy she was rescued from the streets of Harrison, NY. Misty was the shelter mutt for over five years at the Westchester County Humane Society. She finally found her forever home with Pets with Disabilities.

Casey - Sept 13, 2013

Casey, our 3 legged resident and my furry sidekick in life crossed the rainbow bridge today. Casey was rescued from our local shelter back in 2007, came into our rescue intending to find a home but never left. She became our 3 legg...ed icon, sharing her love for life and awesome personality with so many! We will miss you Casey and will think about you every day! Keep watch over your rescue and we will continue to rescue 3 legged pups in your honor.

Casey's Christmas came early in 2007. Pets with Disabilities along with the help of the Calvert Humane Society, rescued Casey from our local animal shelter on the day scheduled to be her last. Casey, an eight-year-old , 3 legged Chocolate Lab lost her back leg probably from a car accident. She truly is a survivor and captured our hearts immediately. It is truly amazing how she has fit into our rescue like she had been living with us her entire life. She gets along with other dogs and cats and loves all people.  Please remember to adopt from your local shelter or rescue group. Lots of dogs like Casey need homes!


Zelda - March 2014

Every shelter dog's dream to be rescued and to be loved till the end. Zelda was diagnosed with bone cancer in December, she put up a valiant fight till the end. Rest in Peace Zelda and thank you for sharing your life with us. A big thanks to the Philadelphia shelter for getting Zelda's info to us years back and we were able to help.

Meet Zelda.  She is a Rottie mix. Zelda was scheduled to be euthanized at the SPCA in Philadelphia when Pets with Disabilities swept in and rescued her. Zelda has had hip problems since she was a puppy. On top of her hip issues she also injured her legs a couple times, that healed without treatment. Despite Zelda's disability she gets along wonderfully; she has her moments of excitement with the other rescue dogs, and then she settles in quietly on her favorite bed for the remainder of the day. She knows her limitations; and with weight management and daily tablets of Glucosamine, she does quite well. 

Annie crossed the rainbow bridge in the July 2014

Meet Annie -

Annie, a gorgeous white shepherd was found living under a porch, completely paralyzed and still nursing her 10 puppies.  A good Samaritan stepped in and took her to the local animal hospital. The doctors, at the clinic were shocked by how emaciated and weak Annie was, she was covered in sores and wounds and could barely lift her head.  Annies owner requested to have her  put to sleep. Her spirit and kindness grab the hearts of the staff. Annie made it quite clear, she did not want to be put to sleep and still had much to offer! The staff was looking for a miracle, a rescue to help her, and that miracle was PWD.

Annie got a new set of wheels when she arrived - and of course the medical care and lots of love she deserves.  She is a true survivor - another example of an unbroken spirit - even when the body is not perfect.

After a year at PWD, it's been decided she'll be a permanent member of the PWD family, living in the house with her "friends on wheels" - she has such a sweet, hopeful spirit... we are happy to have her.

PLEASE consider supporting the Duke & Misty memorial fund

Maddie crossed the rainbow bridge in the July 2015

Maddie, a spunky little mutt, was hit by a car, and suffered a broken spinal cord. Due to Maddie's disability she was relinquished to the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. Pets with Disabilities adopted Maddie in September 2005. She joined Duke (with a sassy attitude only a strong female can appreciate!) in helping with our mission.

Candy Cane crossed the rainbow bridge in the July 2015

Candy Cane now Candi,  came to us from a shelter in King William, VA.  She came into the shelter as a stray, with identification. The shelter contacted her owners who explained she had been given away 5 years ago for breeding because of her leg injury and was no longer able to perform her hunting duties.

Her facial expression says it all.  As the shelter told me she has lived a tough life as an over bred female hound. We are certain she was a fabulous mom, but are even more certain she is happy her reproductive days are over. 

It didn't take long for her to wiggle her way into our  hearts.  She has fit into our home as if she has lived with us her entire life. Finally, a warm soft bed in the sun, probably for the first time in her life.

Candi  has entered the final, but best, chapter of her life as the new Pets with Disabilities 3 Legged Ambassador! Welcome Candi,  you can now share your sweet spirit with so many!

Kiri crossed the rainbow bridge in the January 2016

Kiri's journey started in Maryland and now ends in Maryland at our small but growing Pets with Disabilities rescue. Kiri, a Border Collie, was hit by a car. PWD helped find Kiri a new home, in Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately Kiriís care was too much for her new caretaker. We traveled out to Montana, and with the help of Glen Highland Farm, Kiri was transported across the border to Butte, Montana where we met her, and fell in love with her. Kiri is at home, with her new wheelchairs buddies at PWD.

Buddy crossed the rainbow bridge in the Dec 2015

Buddy, a domestic cat was most likely abandoned on the streets to fend for himself.  He survived for over 6 months on his own with the  kindness of some  good Samaritans  who fell in love with him.  While being vetted he tested positive for FIV. When I met this cat,  I immediately renamed him Buddy, because  he will  snuggle by you and purred his way into your heart.  He is a wonderful cat,  and most important gets along with other cats very well!  

Buddy has become our official rescue cat.  Buddy has landed a great position here at the rescue living life large upstairs in my office. He has been a trooper and an instrumental part in helping us place many of our dogs into cat friendly homes.   Thanks Buddy!


Cassie was rescued by PWD. She is a large long haired Sheppard mix. She is very sweet and a little spaced-out, which may be due to the abusive situation from which she was rescued. She weighs about 100 pounds and may be eight years old. She has arthritis in her back legs which limits her mobility, but she is still ready to take a walk whenever the opportunity arises.

Cassie crossed the rainbow bridge in the Spring of 2006

Kitty was rescued by PWD. Kitty has FeLV and a lame leg. He has adjusted well to our dog world. So far Kitty has been healthy and happy!

Kitty crossed the rainbow bridge in the spring of 2006

Max is a senior  mixed breed. He is smart and has a very good temperament but is slowing down with age. He also has a large benign tumor on his side that the vets suggest leaving alone. Max is at home now with the rest of the Pets with Disabilities family

Max crossed the rainbow bridge in the January 2010 -  at the age of 17 - Max was a true champion of courage.  He is missed.

Freddie crossed the rainbow bridge in the March of 2010

Freddie, a young cat,  was brought  to our local vets office to be euthanized.   He was flee bitten all over, very thin and had FIV.  The vet would not do it.   They called us to see if we would accept him here.  Of course we said yes. Freddie has come along way since being here, he looks great,  but best of all he and Vinnie  have become  great feline friends!  

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 2011

TUZIK arrived in the US, to a better life a little over a year ago, from  a shelter in St Petersburg, Russia.   He brought a sense of "royal majesty" to the rescue.  It's hard to explain, but when you spent time with him, you had no pity for him - he was not looking for that.  He looked for  a companion that respected what he had to teach - and in  return  he provided  you with true, unconditional loyalty and friendship.  

Tuzik came with some horrible wounds on one of his back legs requiring an amputation surgery.  He's  became a our only 3-legged wheelchair dog. He lived in our home after surgery and  we soon realized he would be a permanent resident here until he decided it was time for him to move on.  And that was last evening,  Mike and i held him in our arms and said farewell.   We felt his life  might be short with us,  but the lessons we learn from him will be a lifetime.   Giving him  a warm and loving home,  to a street dog from Russia was the most  important  to us; and  for the past year and we were able to provide that home he never had experienced.   We think he enjoyed American life!    From Russia with love,  we will miss you our fellow comrade.  So happy you were a huge part of our lives.

We know Tuzik touched so many  hearts with his journey,  here to a better life.   Thank you to everyone who helped this big lovable pup. 

Here is a video link showing his arrival in Dulles 


Vinnie crossed the rainbow bridge in the September 2011

Vinnie was rescued along with his siblings by Mary Kamolowski, a volunteer, for the Pet Assistance League of Oklahoma. Vinnie lost his eye at birth and unfortunately was diagnosed with FIV. Vinnie was rescued again by Pets with Disabilities. As cofounder, Mike Dickerson, was rescuing Oreo, he also packed up Vinnie and drove both of them east. Vinnie will live the remainder of his life at the Pets with Disabilities rescue.

Farley crossed the rainbow bridge in the December 2011

Farley Update! 

Farley is now living and being fostered at Reverie Acres Farm. This farm is run and managed by an extraordinary mother and daughter team whose love and understanding of animals is truly special. When we found out Farley was in kidney failure, they wanted to help Farley even more. For whatever life Farley has in him, Randi and her mom, Peggy, are certainly giving him the life he absolutely loves. Thanks to them, Farley life expectancy my exceed all the experts - 
at least we hope.

Below is an email from Peggy on Farley's life where he spends time with meeting a greeting new people and hangs with horses, and a barn cat that has accepted him!

"Farley never (or hardly ever) barks, which makes him great around horses, he's not distracted by strange sights (which also makes him great around horses and some people) and he's super friendly and loves to be talked to and petted (which makes him great around humans). I must say, he's an absolutely perfect dog."

We are so happy for Farley that we found Peggy and Randi, who opened up their hearts to a great dog that might not have too much time on this earth. This what makes rescue worth while meeting folks like them.

PWD is still responsible for Farley's vet care and special diet.

Farley,  a  blind 2 year old St Bernard.  Farley was rescued by a kind couple from a West Virginia pound.   Farley was extremely underweight when rescued,  back in October  he weighed only 40 pounds.  Since coming into rescue he has blossomed to about 80 pounds;  which still makes him a fairly small St Bernard.    When Farley arrive at PWD we noticed he was drinking  water in excess.   He has been under extreme vet care since January.  He was treated for a very bad bladder infection hoping this was the cause of his water drinking.   We are in the process of ruling out other serious diseases, such as diabetes, Addison's and cushions.  The water drinking could all be stemming from his lack of food and water the first year of his life.  Farley is a wonderful  dog and navigates his way around the rescue thru touch and smell.  He has a great temperament around all people and dogs.  

4/09 - Medical Update on Farley:  We took Farley to an internist, specializing in kidneys. We unfortunately found out Farley has  severe kidney disease.  His kidneys are the size of a cats kidneys.  Farley's life expectancy will be most likely shorten.  We will give him the best care and love here at PWD.   Farley, definitely needs some angels to help us help him live as many years as possible.   We are looking into special diets and holistic vet care for him.


Stan crossed the rainbow bridge in the March 2012


Name:  Stan
Age:  7 months old,
Breed/Weight:  Terrier/hound mix,  Weight:  25 pounds 

Disability:  Stan has hyperextension of all digits (toes) in both front feet. This is not a painful condition. 

History:  When they say dogs are in charge of their destiny, I can only say Stan was definitely in charge of his!  I received a plea from an American woman living and teaching in Istanbul, Turkey.   She and her family volunteer all of their spare time in working with stray dogs in Istanbul.  They foster and find foster homes for dogs that end up at the municipal shelters.  They try to place dogs with US rescues that have no chance of survival in Turkey.

They emailed PWD to see if we would accept a very small mixed  breed terrier with club feet that wheezes.  When I saw his pictures, I knew his only hope would be to come here.  When Stan arrived I was concerned about his health, but as each day goes by, he is gaining weight and showing lots of hope and brightness in his eyes.  He handles his lung problem like a wise one man, never over doing it, and resting after a round of frolicking with the other pups.  His ears are one of his most endearing features, they look like propellers ready to take off at any moment.  He is a gentile easy dog to handle. 

Will Stan ever run a marathon or go for a long hike?  Probably not! But he enjoys the casual walk and will be a great companion.  He is beyond awesome, so glad he made it to PWD.  As each day goes by, he just gets stronger and stronger, and most  important he is becoming a happy young pup.  Stan is great with other dogs and good with cats, and of course loves the attention of people!  


Chuck crossed the rainbow bridge in the April 2012

We have discovered Chuck has a mass around his lungs making him cough and tire easily.  We've decided to let Chuck live out his remaining days in a nearby foster home where he'll receive the love, adoration and personal attention he deserves in his remaining days.  We would appreciate any angel support for his ongoing vet needs.  He really is a lovable teddy bear and we are happy to share this time with him.

Name:  Chuck
Age: approx 8 years old
Disability:  Deaf/ has some visual impairment but can see
Breed/Weight:  Golden Retriever/Shar Pei Mix  - 40 pounds 

History:  Chuck was a stray found by a young college girl.  He was walking along a highway in our area and she brought him to one of our local shelters.  Meet Chuck our senior teddy bear at the rescue!   He is a cool, calm and collected boy.  His demands  are few: food, a warm bed, a couple of long strolls around the yard and lots of  love.   He would make a nice, easy companion dog.  If you have room in your heart and home to give this neglected pooch some much needed human attention and love for the remainder of his life,  please come by and meet him! Chuck, is finally getting the medical attention he so deserves and needed!  He  is one of the kindest dogs you will encounter. 

Marley crossed the rainbow bridge in the April 2012

Marley is a senior Spitz, whose demands are few: food, a warm bed, a couple of long strolls around the yard and love. Marley was rescued from the Trenton, New Jersey animal shelter, after the vet was convinced not to euthanize him. He was dirty, his hair was matted, he is partially blind and deaf, and had been a victim of a dog attack. But with all of his bad luck and trauma, he is the nicest and kindest dog anyone could ever encounter. He has blossomed into a beautiful dog here at PWD. Marley goes with the flow and he gets along with all living creatures. 

Henry crossed the rainbow bridge in the June 2012

Henry was recently diagnosed with "congestive heart failure"...  he is on some medication to help the symptoms and is having the fluid build up removed as required.  Henry has always been a very "easy going" guy - so this change in his health is not having much affect on his joy of life or his daily routine - he's still a very "laid back" gentleman.  He will remain at PWD - but still needs your heart felt support.

Name:  Henry
Age:  5 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Shep mix, approx 50 lbs

History: Henry was a stray in a shelter in Brandywine, MD.  He was malnourished, lyme and HW positive, very neglected - but a true survivor to manage on his own.

Henry!  One of the kindest, sweetest dogs we've had here at the rescue.  He really is a "diamond in the ruff" - a happy personality, no temperament issues, enjoying everything life has to offer him.  He enjoys being close to you - and will literally hug you.  He is also great on a leash - so trusting and confident, happy to be with a faithful friend exploring the world.  Henry loves people but does it with a lower energy level.  He is content checking out the yard if you're busy, but is ready to go when there is something else to do.  Henry is now free of heart worms, has had some eye surgery reducing the pressure and eliminating his pain.  Henry is a thoughtful soul and is ready for someone that will appreciate his quiet manner and good nature.  He is fine with other dogs, although not a big "play" dog and would do best without cats.

Jack crossed the rainbow bridge in the August 2012

We have recently discovered Jack is in kidney failure - he will spend his remaining days with the rescue in a near by foster home.  We are so happy to give Jack this time in a loving home - 

Name:  Jack
Age: 10 years
Disability:  visually impaired, slight hearing loss
Breed/Weight:  Corgi mix,   20 pounds
History: Jack was an confiscated from his home for cruelty.  He was at a local shelter, finally released to rescue after 2 months.  He is now getting the medical attention he needs and the love he deserves. 
Jack is a gentle senior that is now loving life and waiting for a home he can share that love with.  He is looking for some good food, a warm bed, a couple of long strolls around the yard and lots of lovin'. Jack has a mild head tilt - which just makes him even more endearing.     
With all of his bad luck and trauma, he one of the kindest dogs anyone could ever encounter.  He has started to blossom into a beautiful dog here at PWD feeling the safety and good energy here.  He gets really excited when I come down to the rescue,  and will do his little "giddy up" and trot right out the door.  He has become one of my favorites here. Jack goes with the flow and he gets along with all living creatures.

Ruby crossed the rainbow bridge in the July 2014

Name:  RUBY
Age:  Senior
Disability:  Broken pelvis
Breed/Weight:  Border Collie/ 35lbs

History:  Ruby was scheduled to be euthanized within hours of her owners dropping her off at a PA shelter. She was included in the daily "plea for help" that the shelter sends out - and phone calls were made to save her. 

We were told she was blind - but she CAN SEE! We were told she couldn't walk, but she can get herself up. She does seem to have some trauma in her past, possibly a broken pelvis that did not heal properly. She is a pure bred border collie - so, one look in those golden eyes shows the spirit and determination to overcome her damaged body. She is tremendously sweet and will obviously need some extensive veterinary work. 

Ruby has almost NO muscle mass in her back legs - we have no idea the last time she was allowed to be out running around - but in the true spirit of the border collie, the tennis ball is a HUGE motivator. Ruby is chasing her tennis ball everyday, and getting a little stronger each day.  She's had several medicated baths to address her skin issue - and we are evaluating any other medical needs.  She is completely connected to people and just a delight to have at the rescue.  She may go up for adoption when it's determined she is as healthy as she can be.

Odie crossed the rainbow bridge in the August 2014

Name:  Odie
Age:   3 years old
Disability:  visual impaired  
Breed/Weight: herding mix - 35lbs

History:  Odie was a stray and landed in a Pa shelter

Odie came to PWD via another rescue when it was thought he was going blind.  He is a complex medical case and will be with us a while as we figure things out for him.  A perfectly healthy dog six months ago now visually impaired and experiencing hearing loss. He is a friendly dog, not engaging with the other dogs, but very neutral. He is learning the routine of the rescue and in the typical spirit of these breeds, is showing a determination to live life and connect to people.  Odie is scheduled to have a consult with a neuro specialist this month.

Pepper crossed the rainbow bridge in the Oct 2014

UPDATE: Pepper Update! She has returned to the rescue from an overnight stay at the specialty hospital. She has been diagnosed with Polymyositis which is an inflammatory disease of the muscles.  She is responding to the medications so we are hopeful! Please keep Pepper in your thoughts, she is not out of the woods just yet! Thank you for your support!

Chester crossed the rainbow bridge in the May 2015

After what must have been a life with a family, he found himself alone, outside on a chain.  A good samaritan stepped in, talked with the owners, and called us. Chester was rescued from a chain and adopted in May 2012! Chester is an unbelievable blind lab mix! He has much more energy then other 8 yr olds we've met.  He's such a cute little guy, his pictures don't come close to showing his true personality. His tail never stops wagging, and is a huge wiggle butt when he is really excited. He is good off leash and has good recall. He is very happy to be with his person whether he is riding in the car or curled up on your lap. While he sometimes bumps into things, it is very hard to believe this guy is blind because he can see right into your heart.

Due some medical issues, Chester is back in the rescue program for 2015.  He will remain in rescue for the remainder of his life.

Simon crossed the rainbow bridge in the August 2015

Name:  Simon
Age:  Senior
Disability:  hearing impaired
Breed/Weight:   Lab/basset mix  70 pounds

History:  Simon was a stray at our local shelter.

Simon is a very independent soul, whose demands are few, a warm bed, a leisurely stroll around the yard, respect and love! We are happy to see him finally reconnecting  to humans, wagging his tail when we approach him, wanting to spend some time with us.  He will spend the rest of his life at PWD.


Toby crossed the rainbow bridge in the March 2016

TOBY is a deaf senior border collie mix that has recently become a permanent member of the PWD sanctuary group.  He has been diagnosed with a grade 3 soft tissue sarcoma, which is not good news, it is very aggressive.

At this point rather than put him through an aggressive surgery at his age with no guarantee the cancer will not return, we are going to continue with pain management. So far he is doing ok but we know things may deteriorate down the road. Until then we will make sure he is loved and cared for just as he has been since his arrival at PWD.


ABE crossed the rainbow bridge in the June 2016

Abe, blind/deaf senior aussie mix was found in the overnight drop area at an rural Ohio shelter.  Abe was a very neglected senior whose demands are few...  a good meal, a warm bed, a couple of long strolls around the yard and lots of love.  Abe is the nicest and kindest dog anyone could ever encounter, he just goes with the flow and gets along with everyone. Abe has found a rhythm at the rescue, and we feel with his disabilities and age, it would be best not to move him again.  So, he will spend the rest of his life at the rescue.


DOTTIE crossed the rainbow bridge in the Dec 2016

Dottie is a 6 yr old blind hound mix.  Dottie was adopted in 2013, but due to the death of her caretaker, she has been welcomed back to PWD.  Dottie will remain at PWD for the rest of her life as we treat her cancer with medicine to give the her to best quality of life possible.  She is still a spunky, sweet girl - a real fighter - and we're happy to be able to help her again.


Murphy crossed the rainbow bridge in the April 2017

Update on Murphy:

Last month we rolled Murphy out of the shelter. Unable to walk on his own, he was diagnosed with an extreme prostate infection. In the midst of treatment we discover he also had a tumor on his liver.

Sad for Murphy, but so happy his final days will be spent with a loving couple who adore him. Knowing his time is limited they still wanted to give him a home. Such kindness from a couple who did not know this pup. ...

We get daily updates on Murphy's health and so far he is stable. We all realize each good day we have with him is a true gift.

When I went down to our local shelter to meet an older blind dog, I was not expecting to meet an extremely sick blind dog. I realize immediately that was he was suffering. He was on a 7 day stray hold but luckily the shelter allowed us to pull him early, and we got him to the vet. Murphy was suffering from a severe prostate infection, he is being treated and is beginning to feel better but certainly not out of the woods yet.

Angels are needed for his complete recovery and hopeful regular vetting bills.

HOBO crossed the rainbow bridge in the June 2017

Name:  Hobo -
Age:  2 years old -
Disability:  3 legged - Breed/Weight:  Walker hound,  50 pounds

History:  Fate would control Hobo's young life as he wondered into a very rescue friendly person's yard with a fractured back leg. She immediately took him to the vet where yet another person was there to assist Hobo - she found PWD and made sure he was safe. 

We are very thankful to everyone who assisted Hobo along his journey to getting medical attention, healing and the folks who helped with transporting him to PWD! Everyone in the right place at the right time for an injured dog and a second chance at finally finding a loving family. He has touched so many hearts! Here is a little of what his foster mom had to say about him during his recuperation, "Hobo was one of the easiest dogs I have ever fostered, he is so good natured and got along great with all my dogs including my little bossy female, Queen bee. I have a 5 year old and he  did absolutely great with him, he just loves everyone. When we went to the vets for checkups, he would ride in my back seat and just loved being chauffeured. He will be a great companion dog to any family." Hobo is doing great at the rescue!  Loves the dogs, thrives on human attention, and all around friendly dog!  He even likes to play with tennis balls.  Another beautiful sweet hound that is ready for find his forever home. 

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application

ACE crossed the rainbow bridge in the February 2018

Meet our newest resident - 125 pounds of pure sweetness!
10 year old Ace.

After spending many years outside, Ace now understands the luxuries of inside living, air conditioning and a big huge dog bed! Ace was relinquished to us due to his severe rear end orthopedic issues. Our vets put together a great pain management plan and he seems very content. So happy to have you here ACE, enjoy your retirement years with us!


CLIFFORD crossed the rainbow bridge in the February 2018

Meet Cliff our new resident cat!  Cliff was rescued by some of our  NJ rescue friends from a feral cat colony. They quickly realized Cliff was not feral - but by the time they could secure his safety he was pretty beat up.   He lost an eye, contracted FIV and has a cleft pallet. They reached out to us to adopt him and we were actually looking for  another dog friendly cat to add to our home.

Even with all of Cliff health issues, he is one of the nicest, most comical, affectionate cats we have ever met. He acts more like a dog than a cat! A big thank to the NJ rescue who took the time to get him to safety. We adore him!

JEEVES crossed the rainbow bridge in the August 2018

Age: 11 years old
Disability: Left facial paralysis and hip dysplasia, being medically treated.
Breed/Weight: Boxer/Dane mix 60 lbs.

History - After receiving several requests about Jeeves, from one of our local inner city shelters, we felt the need to reach out. Seeing senior dogs needing medical care and sitting in shelters is so disheartening.

He loves the other dogs, loves his outside time, (very housebroken) but most of his time he is snoozing on a comfy bed in our office. He was a shelter favorite and we can understand why, a sweet dog!



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