All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - be prepared to make a "Heart Connection"  with one or more.  They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life.


Pets with Disabilities is we are located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.

Austin attended our Annual Open House - as a "rock star", meeting many people. One of the couples that met him were quite intrigued by his presence and zest for life and they returned the following weekend to really spend some quality time with him. They soon forgot about his physical presence and realized this was a "normal playful 1 year old" that just needed a home. Since this was unchartered territory for them they decided to foster Austin over the holidays. Austin's personality quickly won them over and they fell in love. They finalized Austin's adoption last week. Merry Christmas to our Austin, he received the best gift ever - a home! If you want to continue watching the adventures of Austin, he has his own instagram@theaustionroo .

A note from his adopter's "Austin is an amazing dog with a wonderful spirit. His high energy and big smiles light up every room he walks in to. When we first heard about Austin we were intrigued by this unique situation and decided to foster him to see if we could help. He is slowly getting used to his wheelchair and is building up his confidence with each walk. Austin and our other dog, Reese, love to play tug of war or chase each other in the yard. Austin is also fascinated by our cat, Onyx, and the two of them are building a relationship too. Austin is certainly happy – playing with his toys, tackling Reese, or simply laying on the couch with us. After some time with him it was clear he was already part of our family and we decided to make it official!"

Austin is a 9 month old Border Collie mix who was living life large in Texas until that fateful day in June 2018 when his herding instincts kicked in and he propelled himself out of his person's jeep. Splaying his front legs to protect his fall caused severe irreversible nerve damage to his front legs. From June to September Austin did not receive much medical care. His person was hoping for a miracle that he would use his 2 front legs. That did not happen and finally the decision was made to euthanize Austin. AND with that one decision to euthanize, Austin finally had a network of angels. First the young woman who worked at the veterinarian office who took it upon herself to find Austin a rescue and raised funds to go towards his upcoming surgery and medical care. She sent us an email and the rest is history. She and a friend traveled with Austin from Texas to PWD. These two determined and compassionate individuals drove Austin 1,500 miles to ensure he was safe and well cared for. Austin is a great dog whose spirit is definitely not broken, and now has a team of people who will be rooting for him as we begin the process to make his life better and pain free on 2 legs. This is definitely some new territory for us and we are learning day-to-day what Austin's abilities are. Austin will have his front legs amputated and will be fitted to a frontwheeled cart. Austin's medical care will exceed $6,000. A big THANK YOU to Roosevelt the Border Collie's fur mom who has enlightened and educated us on a dog's life with a frontwheeled cart.

We will keep you posted on Austin's journey. He is amazing and has a very loving personality. We are looking forward to the day in the near future where he can wheel around the yard and keep up with the others, because we know that is what he wants to do! He is incredibly motivated and determined which will help him overcome his disability.

Update October 2018:
Austin the Incredible is out of surgery and now in recovery after the removal of his two painful injured front legs. Today is the start of his new “normal”. The beginning of his Journey as a two legged pup. Please send well wishes to our sweet boy. The veterinarian and staff say he is still a happy boy wagging his tail and all.

Duchess is a two year old, blind, white German Shepherd. She was born blind and has lived her entire life in an isolated, filthy, chain link kennel in California, along with 40 other dogs that were rescued. It was heart breaking to find out Duchess had been left behind, due to her disability, while so many of the other dogs were on their way to a better life. PWD was contacted and raised the funds to fly her from California to Maryland, in early December.

She is now in a fabulous/experienced foster home and is adjusting slowly to a more controlled home environment. She is doing great and making daily progress. We think she did pretty much anything she wanted to for the past 2 years, so this has been quite a change for her. She is enjoying all her new canine and feline friends but is a bit unsure of humans. We will give her the time she needs to learn that humans are part of her world now.

Duchess is not available for adoption yet as we continue to learn a little bit more about her and how she settles in a home.

Will you make a heart connection with Duchess?

Trini, now Ruthie, came to PWD for 2 reasons to have her bum leg amputated and to find a forever home! And indeed she found a great home with a wonderful couple who immediately fell in love with our sweet girl! We recently received a great adoption note from her adopters. Congrats Ruthie you made it to a better life!

"Ruthie (Ruth Bader Ginsbark) is an amazing dog who has fit into our family like she’s been here forever. She loves playing with all of her doggie and kitty siblings! She is a complete snuggle bug and loves to be touching someone when she sleeps. She enjoys chewing bones and running around in the backyard as much as she loves relaxing and sleeping. She has learned to go up and down stairs with ease-she doesn’t know she is any “different”, and she proves that she really isn’t! She is wonderful with Forrest, who is 5 years old, and he is absolutely smitten with her, we all are. We are so thankful to Pets With Disabilities for bringing Ruthie into our lives."

Trini is a one year old collie/hound mix needing an amputation.  Trini was a stray in a South Carolina shelter. She was found with a severely injured leg, bearing no weight on it. PWD happily stepped in to help her because we were told - in one word - this little girl is AWESOME!

She is petite, weighing only 35 lbs. She is quiet, smart, and learned the rescue routine in seconds. Trini loves her bed and a big knucklebone - we don't think she has had much exposure to toys - but, she will here.  She is great with dogs, excited around people, crate trained, and great in the car. She came into the rescue a little shy at first, but once she knew she was safe, her personality blossomed quickly. She is a very photogenic dog and will make a great addition to almost any family.

We are taking applications for this pup. Her amputation is scheduled for January 4 and she will be ready to go after that! (Because Trini is a young, vibrant dog, she will recuperate quickly.)

Princess, now Luna, has officially found her new home! She is thriving with a great understanding fur mom and 2 active young boys. We have received and update from the family - (We LOVE this!)  "She is slowly but surely acclimating to her new home, and has decided that she really likes to have me scratch her head and rub her belly first thing in the morning and before we all go to bed.  The boys love and have learned so much about this experience,  and Luna gets so excited when they  come home from school!"   Because of our experience with Luna, my one son has decided he would like to be a vet or work with an animal rescue.  Thank you so much for connecting us with her!"

Have a great life Luna - keep up the good work with your "teaching heart"!

Meet Princess, a 7 year old 60 lbs. Aussie/lab mix who is deaf. Princess found herself in a rural Virginia Shelter after her fur mom passed away. She is an extremely smart and loving dog. Although she is deaf, she is alert and very tuned into her surroundings. Her recall is phenomenal, when we need her to return to the barn and settle in her apartment she returns quickly with just a simple hand command.

She even knows how to sit and give you her paw. (She will do anything for a treat!) She lives for her food, treats, and knuckle bones! She has been a very easy dog, house trained, good on a lead, sleeps a lot but does love to go out and explore, crate trained and a good car rider. She would be great as an only dog or with an older calm dog. Please consider making Princess part of your family

Sally found a Heart Connection with Pamela Park

Sally went to a foster home several months ago, where she learned basic manners and some training. She and her foster mom waited patiently, for months, with NO serious interest from potential adopters.  After 5 months of being with her foster, Sally developed a very intense bond with her foster mom. Her foster mom had heard about the "unconditionally loyalty" of the breed that people describe, but didn't understand it...  Until Sally!!  Sally has found her home and her PERSON - to continue the healing and teaching on many levels.

"Sally came into my life for so many reasons. Ironically, my first failed foster passed away in early January. Perhaps the universe knew Sally needed to be with her foster mom forever to get her through the loss?"

Congratu;ations and thank you to Sally's new official mom, who understood Sally's personality and in return Sally gave her new mom unconditional love and a forever friend!

Sally is a 3 year old pittie mix, missing her left eye due to an injury. Sally was a stray that landed in a West Virginia Shelter. 

After spending some time at PWD, Sally found the opportunity to live in a wonderful foster home. She thrives in a home environment with a routine and lots of structure. She is a fast learner who wants nothing more than to please her owner and receive their love and approval. While Sally may initially appear very high energy, she is learning each day to greet humans and other dogs more politely. She’s a confident alpha female, who would be good as an only dog or with a larger, non-reactive companion.

This one-eyed gal loves to play with humans or by herself. Tennis balls, squeaky toys and skinneez are some of her favorites. She also does puzzles and loves popsicles (wet food frozen with water) on hot afternoons! Once playtime is over, Sally curls up near her foster for some much needed sleep.

Sally LOVES to give kisses to humans and other dogs and even lives with cats and a rabbit in her foster home. Normally, it is a peaceful setting unless one runs from Sally and she thinks they are playing chase! Therefore, she is working on her ‘here’ recall. While she occasionally has accidents due to excitement or changes, she has responded very well with structured routines and quiet time in her crate. Sally is perfectly cratetrained and walks well on a leash. She knows the following commands: sit, down, off, stay, touch, watch, leave it, here, crate), and learns more each week at obedience class.

Within  two weeks of being in her recent foster home, she patiently awaits mealtime by sitting and waiting for the ok command to begin eating. She also sits for her leash to be taken on and off when going out. She’s currently working on ‘leave it’ with treats (so tough as she’s food driven)! Sally is an absolute love and will bring her new family lots of joy!

Charity Hix has a Heart Connection with Molly - Thank you!!
Molly found another Heart Connection with Jane Gang

Molly is a 10yr old blind dog that came to us from a shelter in West Virginia.  Molly's plea was sent out to MANY rescues, but all rejected her due to her age and disability. Finally PWD was contacted and we couldn’t turn our back to this cute pup. Molly is a survivor, only weighing about 20 lbs. when picked up by animal control.  She was blind, malnourished and so weak, she could barely walk. Finally after some much needed TLC she gained weight and strength, and her mobility has returned to almost normal. Her personality has blossomed too. She is good with other dogs, but due to her history she is a little fearful of them getting into her bubble.

She loves her bed, food time, and when outside loves to snuggle in a bed of leaves, comforts she has never experienced. We think that one level living in a quiet environment would be best for her. She is a quiet easy pup to manage, she sleeps a lot. She can be placed with other dogs, but they should be patient and tolerant with her. We can't erase history for Molly but we can make her future bright, safe and trusting! 

She is in need of a "heart connection".

HOSPICE FOSTER HOME FOUND:  We continue to admire the hearts of "good people"! Molly's foster mom followed the website for over a month and finally felt compelled to come meet her when the request for a special foster home was posted. Even with all of Molly's  health concerns this kind woman had no hesitations to take her home. We all believe this is Molly's first real home, and she still seems a bit bewildered with her new surrounding but "she is  discovering what wonderful things live in kitchen cabinets" and that the "big cold box" has lots of food in it. Molly still naps most of the day and has  a cute little snore!"  A big heartfelt thank you to Molly's foster mom for opening her heart and home to Molly. We know they will have a wonderful journey together - one of love and understanding.

Molly  is still in in need of Heart Connections, as PWD will still be very involved with Molly's health and taking care of her medical bills. 

Molly going to her foster home

Bishop is a handsome 4-5 year old lemon  hound, who is deaf.  He  was surrendered to one of our Virginia shelters we partner with.  He is  about 50 lbs., fun, active, goofy pup, that will put a smile on your face.  He loves attention, and will curl up and lay on just about anything. He has flourished here at PWD and has made many new friends here. A sweet gentle soul good with people, cats and great with kids.  However, Bishop has some possession issues  with other dogs and so we do feel he does needs to be an only dog.   Bishop would do great in a secure  area or leash walking. 


Will you be Bishop's "heart connection"?

Our sweet Bear has been adopted! We recently got an adoption update and he is loving life on the farm. "Bear is doing fantastic, he is becoming fast friends with all the humans, cats and horses! This is him enjoying his Christmas gift from a neighbor!  Thank you so much for Bear!!"

Meet Bear! a 4 year old 3-legged dog...

This handsome boy is a charmer and drop dead gorgeous! He made my life so easy today while photographing him- posing the whole time! Don't I wish they were all so easy!

He is going to make one lucky family so happy for many years to come. He has just arrived here from a shelter in NC. Bear was found caught in a steel trap. He tried hard to free himself and in the process damaged his teeth and his leg. His former person neglected to take him to the vet after he found him in the trap severely injured. Thankfully Bear had an angel on his side who noticed him and reported his condition to authorities. Bear was removed from his former life and his new journey began- starting with immediate vet care to amputate his badly injured leg.

He is a gem of a dog, a no fuss no muss kinda pup! We believe he is an Australian Kelpie Mix. Bear is approximately 4-5 years old, is housetrained, great on leash, quiet, calm, loyal and obedient (all words coming from his temporary foster mom before he arrived at PWD!)....So needless to say this boy probably won't be here long

Betty Bee is a 9 year old 40 pound black lab/beagle mix. Betty was another stray that landed in one of our neighboring shelters. We were asked to rescue Betty and treat her non weight bearing right front leg. After evaluating all her medical needs, our veterinary team determined her dental needs far outweighed the need for an amputation. (Amputation was deemed unnecessary as she gets around just fine with her bum leg) Betty had major dental disease and underwent $3000 worth of dental reconstruction and many teeth removed.  Finally, her mouth is now disease free and pain free. 

Betty is an independent soul, easy going, very quiet, and seems house broken. She is great in the car, good on lead, good with kids and very cat friendly.  A sweet girl that is coming out of her shell now that she feels safe. She does not mind dogs, but seems to get very nervous when they get into her space. We think she would feel more comfy as an only dog, or a another laid back independent dog. She would be a fantastic dog for our local city dwellers!

She could really use a couple of "heart connections" - look at that face!!

Raven found a Heart Connection with Sophia Anderson

Meet Raven - a 5 year old, blind, handsome hound, that is great with dogs and people. Raven came to us with some anxiety issues that we have worked hard to find a happy medium for him. We have adapted our surroundings to make him happy and less anxious. He seems to be making great strides with simple routine, new dog friends, and a little help from Prozac. He weighs approx 45 lbs

Raven is looking for a very special person -someone who might want to give this boy a chance - with the support of PWD.  He is safe at PWD until he finds that person.

(coming soon)

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