All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - please consider making a "Heart Connection"  with one or more. 
They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life and need your support.


Pets with Disabilities is we are located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.


Jenny is a 5ish year old German Shepherd mix. She is Heartworm positive and will be evaluated for possible hip issues ( that don’t really seem to bother her- or slow her down). We are still getting to know her but so far she has that typical loyal, smart, alert Shepherd personality. She is good with most other dogs, travels well and is good in a crate.

We would love to find a local foster home that would be willing to help her through Heartworm treatment, which would require 2 months of leash walking and low activity.

Will you make a heart connection with Jenny?



Vinny is 8 years old, 42 lbs., spaniel/lab mix. Vinnie was pulled minutes before his was to be euthanized. Shelters are full. Vinnie was an older dog with special needs, unfortunately these dogs are the first ones on the list to be "killed" to make room for others coming in. The shelter staff was so thankful we were able to get this arranged so quickly. Vinnie jumped into the van so fast he knew he just receive his 2nd chance at life!

Since Vinnie's arrival we have both his orthopedic and cardiovascular needs addressed. The cardiologist detected moderate valve disease and will require one medication for the remainder of his life. The cardiologist also confirm he is a safe candidate for surgery and will be able to undergo FHO surgery to correct his hip and make him more comfortable.

Vinnie has been with us since the beginning of September and we are so happy to have him with us. He is an all-round fantastic dog! He is housebroken, great with dogs, cats and people. His favorite activity is running the yard for a bit and will quickly settle in with his new friend Shirley. We always catch them cuddling with one another, it is very cute. We hope to find a local foster to help with Vinnies recuperation about 6 weeks? If interested, please let us know!

Will you make a heart connection with Vinny?


Shirley is hearing impaired and had suspicious large mass on her back leg. She is approximately 8 years old 20 lbs., Dachshund/Beagle mix. Shirley was also pulled minutes before she was to be euthanized. She too an older dog with special needs, unfortunately these dogs are marked first to be killed. The shelter staff was so thankful we were able to get this arranged so quickly. Shirley was a bit nervous, but her new friend Vinnie (also pulled the same time) set her mind at ease as they were both traveled safely up to PWD. These 2 dogs have formed a bond, escaping the shelter together, onward and upward for these 2 pups.

Since Shirley's arrival we have surgically removed her masses and thankfully they were benign. She has settled nicely with the help of Vinnie. She looks to him for guidance and his confidence. Vinnie has been a true hearing companion friend for her. It would be nice for them to be adopted together but as long as she has a kind hearing dog to help and guide her that would be very beneficial for her. She enjoys hanging on the sofa and has slowly warmed up to us. She is a good dog and a perfect size. She will need a patient person to gain her trust, but once that bond is established you will have a companion for life.

Will you make a heart connection with Shirley?



Meet Darby, an older 10 lb. shitzu with a new lease on life! Darby has suffered from years of neglect and was scheduled to be euthanized due to his medical issues. PWD agreed to help him. Darby arrived with a severe perineal hernia needing lifesaving surgery.

Fast forward a month, and meet the new and improved Darby. He has fully recovered, he still needs a little more TLC, but that will come with a loving adopter. His fun shitzu personality is shining thru now, and yes he is true to his breed lively and friendly, loves people and other pups! He will be a great companion and a fun addition to anyone’s home!

Will you make a heart connection with Darby?



Josie is an adorable, young retriever/hound mix. Josie was struck by a car in rural GA and suffered a broken back leg. The motorist stayed on the scene and became her first earth angel. Apparently, Josie's’s former family were trying to get rid of her and said, I will quote them, “ I wish she would have just died!” So the good Samaritan scooped her up and took her home!

She reached out to our rescue partner in GA who then contacted us knowing she needed more medical care and attention than they would be able to provide . A big thank you to that kind woman who stepped up for an innocent puppy. Thanks to her, Josie is going to make a family very very happy and be loved the way she should be. Just looking at her face will bring a smile to you daily!

Josie has been in a foster home the past few months and has recuperated fully! She is weight bearing and is not in any pain, and is now looking for an active family to share her life with.

Here is a note from her foster family: "I have been fostering Josie, a 10 month-old Hound/Lab mix puppy since July. As you can see from her pictures, she is a beautiful dog, about 45 pounds, spayed, and up to date on all her vaccines. She is also housebroken. Josie is an affectionate dog, very people oriented, and loves attention. She loves playing with her dog toys. She is learning how to play fetch and enjoys being outside. She knows “sit” and we are working on “wait.” If she is unsure of a situation, she will look to her person for reassurance/guidance. She likes to go on hikes and would probably love to be someone’s exercise buddy. She walks well on a leash but likes to follow her nose and will pull if she sees a squirrel. She is very good in the car, sitting quietly in the backseat. Josie gets along well with my laid-back male beagle mix dog and my elderly male collie mix. She still has a lot of puppy energy; her best buddy would be a laid back male dog that doesn’t mind puppy energy. She would also do well as the only dog in the house. She is quiet in a crate but does not enjoy being in one. If left unsupervised for a length of time, she may look for mischievous ways to relieve her boredom. At the end of the day, she loves to snuggle on the couch for a belly rub. She would love to be part of an active family."

Will you make a heart connection with Josie?



Sadie is a young, 50 pound Boxer/Hound mix. Sadie was relinquished to a vet office after she suffered a severe hip injury. Sadie’s hip surgery was completed and thankfully she has been with an experienced foster home during her recuperation. She is now ready to find her forever home.

A little bit about Sadie from her foster family, “She is a typical puppy, sweet, playful rambunctious and very affectionate. She loves to play tug of war, will fetch and retrieve a tennis balls, but she is also just content chewing on one of her toys and keeping herself occupied. She is crate trained, enjoys a car ride, good on lead, loves to people watch, and she is mostly house trained. Sadie is looking for an active family or person that shares her love of the outdoors! She absolutely enjoys to hike and explore the outside world and afterwards will cuddle on the sofa and watch or sleep thru a great movie with you! Sadie is also very food motivated and has learned how to sit, lay, roll over, give paw and speak! She is also good with cats!

Please consider making Sadie part of your life

Will you make a heart connection with Sadie?


Maggie is deaf. She is approximately 6 yr old lab/shep mix. Maggie was found as a stray in rural Georgia. She is also heartworm positive and has begun her treatment.

Maggie was totally shut down and scared of humans, but NOT in an aggressive way, just very shy. In the past 2 weeks Maggie has come out of her shell. She now knows the routine of the rescue will even takes treats gently from our hands. She knows she is safe now! She enjoys her yard and enjoys being with other dogs and is house broken. She does need a fence in yard, a patient family and a friendly hearing dog friend.

Will you make a heart connection with Maggie?


Meet our newest arrival Pauline. She is approximately 8 years old and possibly a mix of corgi and lab mix. (So CUTE!!) She 50 lbs. and quite lucky to be here. Pauline was a last minute addition to the transport when we were told she was in cardiac failure due to heartworms. She was in need of a cardiology care quickly. We couldn't turn our back and accepted her into the rescue.

We quickly got her to our cardiologist and luckily confirmed that sweet Pauline is NOT in cardiac failure. She does have heartworm and we have started her treatment.

Pauline is a sweet dog and smart pup! And she does great with other dogs. She is a quiet dog, good on lead, and a does great in the car! She is a bit shy but will come around with a good treat!

Will you make a heart connection with Pauline?

WELCOME CHARLIE & VELMA to the Senior House!

Sometimes you meet your best friends later in life.

Welcome Charlie and Velma, both 15 years young, to the PWD senior home. Velma came to us from a Virginia shelter when her family could no longer care for her. Velma is blind and hearing impaired. She also has arthritis is her back legs. She is a sweet ole gal. Charlie arrived under similar circumstances as Velma. Charlie is blind and hearing impaired. He also has arthritis. These two are so similar in so many ways. Charlie is a good boy, who enjoys human love but seems to really enjoy the company of other dogs. We are happy to help these two and so thrilled these pups have found comfort with each other after losing their families.

Where you see one, you usually see the other not far behind.

Will you make a heart connection with Charlie & Velma?



When our rescue colleagues from rural GA reached out to us about a blind and emaciated dog on Thursday, we couldn’t turn our backs on her. She arrived last night and hopefully in the nick of time.

She most definitely needed immediate lifesaving vet care. She started her first day as a PWD rescue pup at Prince Frederick Animal Hospital to get a physical and baseline blood work. Her blood glucose was 700! She is very lethargic and will need to be monitored 24/7 at the moment until her diabetes is under control. After meeting the caring staff at PFAH she was transported and admitted to Dogs and Cats Veterinary Emergency Hospital where she will receive round the clock supportive diabetic care with some of the best doctors and support staff in the area.

She has already grabbed a lot of people’s hearts, and has been a great patient. It’s truly amazing she is still alive!
She does not have much energy but still wags her tail with any little bit of attention she receives. It is so sad to see a dog in such bad shape still wagging their tail.

Ticy has a long road with us and to add to her issues, she is also heartworm positive- a very preventable disease. We hope you can find it in your hearts to make a donation towards her extensive medical care. Thank you and please share for Ticy

Ticy Update! With a little TLC and her blood glucose under control she is finally gaining much needed weight and has pep in her step! She is making great progress! She is an entirely different dog from when she arrived here a month ago. She is getting stronger by the day and a bit more confident in her blindness. Hopefully we will be able to schedule her heartworm treatment soon.

Thank you to all who have sent donations and well wishes her way! She is a sweet and beautiful girl who will make a great addition to any family once she’s 100% ready for adoption.

Will you make a heart connection with Ticy?



Rocky is a 58 lb, 16 month old gorgeous German Shepherd. Rocky has suspected Hip Dysplasia that will be evaluated the first week of June by our Orthopedic Veterinarian.

Rocky spent his first 8 months living outside on a chain, which is why it was no surprise when we found out that he is also Heartworm Positive at his young age- such a preventable disease, but once again here we are…(PSA- please keep up with your monthly Heartgard for your dogs!) We have already started the Heartworm treatment procedure. So he is on his way to testing negative.

Rocky is your typical young shepherd. He is full of energy, intelligent and wants to please. He is super playful so we think he would enjoy another playful pup. He would benefit from obedience training as in his previous life manners is not something he was taught. He is a quick learner so I think with consistency he will do great!

We are looking for a foster/foster-to-adopt home for Rocky that will be able to get him through Heartworm treatment ( which requires crating/keeping quiet/ leash walking for 2 months). Thankfully Rocky walks well on a leash and does great in a crate. We would need this home to be within driving distance to our area for the Heartworm treatment injections and orthopedic follow ups if needed.

If interested, please email Joyce at   Please share Rocky so we can find him the perfect match!

Will you make a heart connection with Rocky?

Matt found a Heart Connection with Christina Milford - thank you!

Matt came to us from one of our local shelters. A plea was put out and we answered. Matt was originally found as a stray, unable to use his rear legs. Being a senior, paralyzed dog, his chances of adoption or even rescue were slim.

Mike went right to work taking measurements and fitting him to a wheelchair for his needs. Within hours of arrival, Matt was up and rolling in his new ride! Such a sense of freedom and independence when they realize they can move easy again! There are several medical issues that need to be addressed in the near future. His first stop will be with the general veterinarian this week for a thorough routine physical, skin assessment, urinalysis, and baseline bloodwork. Next will be a visit to the neurologist to see if there is a glimmer hope to getting him on all fours again. Followed by a visit to the orthopedic if deemed necessary for his front leg difficulties.

Our team has already made progress with his skin with routine medicated baths and making sure his area is kept clean and dry. He is enjoying the fresh air and exercise outside and meeting new dog friends at the rescue. Matt is so sweet and appreciative of the love and attention he is getting from everyone around him. He knows he is safe! Please consider making a donation to his continued care. Thank you!

Will you make a heart connection with Matt?

Luc found a Heart Connection with Kaye Moore - thank you!



LUC is a very sweet 2 year old border collie no other rescue would consider. The shelter was concerned with major behavioral issues (OCD, non-aggressive behavior), we decided to give him a second chance since he was on the euthanasia list. He was taken from the shelter to our medical team and they recommended an MRI to rule out any physical reasons for his quirky behavior. The MRI was completed and showed no abnormalities, so Luc was but on some anxiety medications and went to an experienced foster home, to learn how to be a border collie again.

UPDATE: From his 1st foster home – “Luke loves people and gets long with all dogs. He is very sound sensitive, but has found the tennis ball and treats can calm some of the sound worries. I have helped Luke reconnect with his environment. He has learned "tug", can find several toys by name, the tennis ball is the preferred outside toy - he will wait in the border collie stance for many throws - and happily return the ball. He loves his crate and has done well visiting parks and other border collie homes. He's decided cuddling on the couch is also something he can enjoy - and finally made it into the bed at night. We anticipate continued improvement as time goes on easier. I love Luke but I think he needs to move on to the next phase of his life, and a quieter environment.”

Luc is back at PWD and we were very lucky to find another border collie savvy foster who has helped Luke continue to evolve. It has truly taken a village to help Luke, with a behavioral veterinarian and professional trainers both qualified with working dogs and OCD, Luke now has a true chance of living “his version” of a normal life. From his new foster mom “Luke is thriving with us, he now LOVES to be outside, especially to play in the creek and woods where he can chase squirrels. And no matter where he is, he is inventive in making games with his favorite toys. He is a smart, affectionate boy, who is working hard every day to be the best version of himself!”

Will you make a heart connection with Luc?

TY found a Heart Connection with Jessica Clark

TY found a Heart Connection with Donna Almquist, "In memory of Cinna".

Welcome the elegantly tuxedoed Ty! This beautiful 2-year-old mix was in desperate need of rescue, and PWD happily stepped up! (Much to the relief of the local rescue system, which was not equipped to handle his difficulties.)

Ty is a paraplegic and spent the past year (yes, half of his life) dragging around his terribly malnourished body. Just days ago Ty’s life was on the line, but he arrived at PWD and was fitted with his first set of wheels. He is already zooming around the yard with only a few minor hiccups! Amazing what a difference love, respect, good nutrition, and proper care can do for a vibrant canine like Ty!! Ty gets along with other dogs.

Will you make a heart connection with Ty? 

Halo found a Heart Connection with Kimberly Kinsey

Martha Baynard made a Heart Connection with Halo


HALO - a 6 yr old, 25lb cockapoo with a back injury. We received a phone call from a local young woman who had suffered a stroke that left her with one side paralyzed. Her beloved cockapoo, Halo, had suffered a spinal cord injury at about the same time. The phone call to us was a hard one for her, I could tell she loved her dog with all her heart, but she also knew she could no longer provide the care Halo desperately needed. This rescue was gut wrenching for us all, because Halo spent all of her time by the side of her fur mom, keeping her company as they both tried to cope with their adversities. Halo’s mom asked us to help and we did.

We told her we will give Halo the best life, either here at PWD, or with an adopter who understands Halo’s health. Halo’s journey with us begins today with grooming and a trip to the vet. Halo is an a amazing trooper who is still walking with assistance. She will have imaging done on her spine to determine if we can help improve her mobility. We are so happy we were in the position to help Halo and the fur mom who loves Halo so very much that she was willing to relinquish her, in order to give her the best possible life.

We will be posting new information on angelic Halo as we learn more about her and her condition. Do check back with us to see how she is doing, and for anyone who is interested in having a halo of their own, please consider becoming Halo’s angel or making a donation towards her care.

Update! She has been to the groomer!  We would like to give a shout out to Colleen at Rita’s Grooming for making Halo look and feel like a million bucks! Thank you so much!

Will you make a heart connection with Halo?

Jane Gentile found a Heart Connection with Bishop - thank you!

Bishop is a handsome 4-5 year old lemon  hound, who is deaf.  He  was surrendered to one of our Virginia shelters we partner with.  He is  about 50 lbs., fun, active, goofy pup, that will put a smile on your face.  He loves attention, and will curl up and lay on just about anything. He has flourished here at PWD and has made many new friends here. A sweet gentle soul good with people, cats and great with kids.  However, Bishop has some possession issues  with other dogs and so we do feel he does needs to be an only dog.   Bishop would do great in a secure  area or leash walking. 

UPDATE: Bishop’s life change here at PWD when very experience and compassionate foster person came to visit with some of our pups. She asked if she could help Bishop. (of our long timers here at PWD) This is her first experience with a hearing impaired dog and a hound! In his first days they have accomplished a lot together! Here is her first update

He had a better night last night. He is in the doggy suite now for while in preparation to a longer stay tomorrow when I go to work. Have only heard him bark once or twice. He is a sweet boy and it is funny, we are working on sitting before we go thru a doorway, and while he is getting the hang of it before we leave the house, going back in is another story. He is smart and knows what I want but he will actually turn his head away from me like a stubborn child how doesn’t want to do something. I have lots of time so I just wait til he decides to sit, however briefly, he gets a piece of kibble then we go in but it is so funny to see him actually turn his head as if to say, nope not doing it. I normally wouldn’t be doing this this soon but he is so smart, that I think he needs and can do these simple challenges. He gets a treat and a thumbs up sign each time he does something good. He gets a high value treat, a tiny piece of chicken, each time he potties outside as inside still is an issue.


Oct 1st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop has been amazing in short time he has been here. Has he been a perfect angel, no, but in just two weeks he has learned the signs for come, sit, wait and down. He sits and waits to go out and to come inside and he sits and waits for his breakfast and dinner. His leash manners vastly improved once he became comfortable with his new walking areas. Is he 100% no, but then who is, he is still a work in progress and with each day we practice, he improves a bit more and is proud of himself, you can see by the smile on his face.

With any dog, if you want them to do something you must first get their attention usually by calling, clapping etc. but Bishop is deaf so you have to get his attention another way. To help with this challenge, he just got a present, a vibrating collar. Over the next few weeks we will be working on training with him to understand that the jiggling of his collar means look to me for a command sign. This will be a learning experience for both of us, there will be lots of treats involved, chicken for him, hot fudge sundaes for me, He is so smart bet he does much better than me.

Bishop is thrilled to have visitors come to the house, male or female, young or old, he loves them all. He is respectful, does not jump but follows them everywhere in the house. He loves his walks, running in the yard and chilling on the deck. I know he would love to go hiking or jogging, something this foster would love to do with him but can’t ....Could you?


Oct 21st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop continues to amaze me. He is a love, full of energy who lives to explore new sights and smells...especially the smells as his nose works overtime. He would be a great walking or hiking companion provided he was always on a leash. He is always thrilled greet anyone he meets along the way with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging.  We had to abandon the vibrating collar as it really frightened him even set on the lowest setting and are now exploring others ways of communicating. As long as treats are part of this process Bishop is always happy to try


His Aunt Jane gave him two doggy puzzles and he ❤️ 💕 💗 the challenge ( and of course all the treats he uncovers)


July 2020 - Bishop is a sweet, quirky ,independent and stubborn guy and is a work in progress. He is not a couch potato, is quite active and loves to be able to see and be outside. He loves sleeping in the sun and watching the world go by from the security of my second story front deck. Inside, if anything is blocking his view he will remove it such as shades, blinds and curtains. His nose drives his brain, if he catches a scent, specially a rabbit he goes bonkers and should the rabbit run under the fence, he is lightening fast and will try his hardest to wiggle under after the bunny. As he is deaf he can’t hear if he is called so he will not respond to a recall and will be long gone in a heartbeat. To keep him safe, he is always leashed when we go outside. He loves his long walks everyday however he is a strong guy and at times can pull very hard on his leash so needs a strong handler. Would love to take him on car rides and trips but he get very car sick even with anti nausea meds

Bishop has a fairly active bladder which means multiple trips outside at dawn, during the day and evening hours are a must. He lets you know he needs to go outside by tipping things over, plants, small tables, fans etc., if it is on the floor, nothing is off limits , even the in floor air registers, he pulls them out of the floor. He repeats this quirky behavior when he decides it is his meal time. He can not be crated, if closed in a room, will destroy the door to get out and still can not go all day without an accident

He has learned hand signals and knows sit, wait and down. He loves people and long walks but is extremely picky about other dogs and can quite bossy I am told. I do not have a cat but understand he was fine with them? While he is normally fairly quiet, he has his moments of loud barking, not great if you have close neighbors


Will you be Bishop's "heart connection"?

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