All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - please consider making a "Heart Connection"  with one or more. 
They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life and need your support.


Pets with Disabilities is located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.


Ollie is an 8-10 month old, 15 pound, Basenji/Jack Russell Terrier Mix.
Ollie is full of life and energy! He is very playful and will make you laugh daily with his antics. He is currently in an experienced foster home and has made a lot of progress with crate training, house training and leash walking.
Ollie enjoys the company of other dogs, humans of all sizes and even cats. We think his ideal home would have a nice yard to run and play in, another playful dog to romp around with, and maybe children to snuggle with.
If you are looking to add some life to your household, Ollie is your guy!

Will you make a heart connection with Ollie?


Early Monday morning we received a plea to help a young puppy. The night before, a police officer had found him in a roadside ditch in rural Georgia - severely injured, abandoned, cold, wet, alone, and in unimaginable pain.
The puppy, now named Marcus, was rushed to a local animal hospital for examination to determine the extent of his injuries.
It was discovered that he had suffered severe orthopedic damage, most likely from being hit by a car and left to die. His front left leg is broken, his back right femur suffered a compound fracture with broken bone sticking thru skin, and his left back leg is also broken. Thru all of the pain and suffering he was going through, his tail never stopped wagging - telling us his spirit was not broken, and asking us to please help him.
So, we did what we do here at Pets with Disabilities: We were determined to save him, and give him the second chance he deserves.
With the help of a caring team behind him, we were able to find a kind person to transport Marcus from Georgia to the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. Due to his extensive issues euthanasia was discussed, but we knew their surgeon from previous cases and had confidence he could help Marcus.
Marcus underwent surgery yesterday (1/18/24) to fix all three legs. He is alert, eating and still wagging his tail this morning! He will be in the hospital for a good week, then transported to PWD.

Marcus has a long road to recovery.
Surgical costs will be between $15,000 to $20,000. We know it is a big ask, especially right after the holidays, but Marcus’s life is worth it!
Any donations toward his vet bills is very much appreciated.
You can donate directly to PWD or, if you prefer, you can make a donation for Marcus’s care directly to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. If you would like to do that, please contact them at 843-614-8387, please tell them name of dog and organization and they will send a direct link from their hospital to donate.

UPDATE - FEB 6, 2024
BIG day for Marcus! His cast/splint, e-collar, and help me up harness have all been taken off today! He is up on all fours, walking very well considering all he’s been through! Making great strides in just a few weeks! Thank you to all who have made it possible for us to give him a second chance at life.
He is still healing, so we expect more progress as the weeks go on but he is well on his way!

Will you make a heart connection with Marcus?


Meet MARKY Marky Mark was a stray from one of our small rural Virginia shelters. We said yes when the shelter contacted us about this little adult pup.   Marky Mark is a very healthy mature dog. He is about 7 years old and is exceptionally healthy and spunky for his age. He is now neutered, has had a dental, and is now ready to share his beagle spirit with a forever family!   The best way to describe Marky is to say MERRY Marky! He has an even temperament and a gentle disposition. He enjoys the company of other dogs, craves human attention, travels well in the car and is very quiet for his breed! Most often, we see him sleeping on a bed with another pup or curled up on top of the couch.   A fenced-in area or leash walking would be ideal for Marky Mark. If you are looking to expand your pack with an overall friendly guy, Marky would be a great pick!


Are you looking for a furry companion to keep you warm and safe? If so, Wrigley is your man!

Wrigley, a blind, 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Heeler mix. Wrigley was surrendered to the shelter when his family could no longer care for him due to changes in their living situation.

Wrigley enjoys human attention and loves to snuggle against your legs and will even lay in your lap if you let him. He is a huge fan of belly rubs. He will follow the sound of your voice and does well with a hand placed on his head or shoulder for guidance. He waits patiently for his food to be prepared. He would love a fenced in yard as he likes to romp and stretch his legs! He also gets big dog zoomies! He would make a fantastic hiking buddy. He is housebroken and fairly quiet in the house usually only barking at unfamiliar noises. Wrigley's ideal home would be as an only dog, with children 10 years and older (Just due to his size and age-not temperament) and prefers living with no feline friends.

Wrigley is a great pup, looking to be a loyal part of someone's family.

Will you make a heart connection with Wrigley?


Snoopy is a 10 month old handsome Australian Shepherd mix who came to us from a shelter partner because he was limping on his right rear leg.
Once he arrived we quickly got him to our orthopedic specialist. They completed x-rays and confirmed a fracture in his rear right femur that was already healing. No surgery is necessary and the fracture is now fully healed.

He has a great personality! He is full of energy and would benefit from obedience training to focus some of his energy and intelligence . As with any young dog, he will need proper exercise, a tired puppy is a happy well behaved puppy! We aren’t sure how big he will be full grown, but he definitely is not done growing. Snoopy seems to get along with everyone in true puppy nature, he just wants to play and cuddle. He may be too much for little children so we are recommending children 8 and over for Snoopy. Snoopy has also let us know that he would prefer not to share his space with any feline friends as he will chase them and stress them out too much.

He has the most beautiful brindle and white wavy coat, similar to an Australian Shepherd. He will make a great addition to most any family.

Will you make a heart connection with Snoopy?




This week we have rescued several neglect cases, but when Rusty arrived weighing in at 35 lbs, he really tore our hearts out. Rusty is approximately 5 years old and has a lovely happy sweet personality. He loves other dogs and tolerates cats too!

Besides daily meals and routine vet care (neuter and vaccinations) he also will require weekly medicated baths for his skin and an amputation for an untreated injury to his right front leg. We found out he is heartworm positive. Were we surprised, no. Were we bummed, YES! This changes Rusty’s entire plan of care. Unfortunately he will have to complete Heartworm treatment, which will take at least 4 months, then proceed with the amputation. Heartworm if left untreated is DEADLY.

Rusty will have a long road to recovery with us, please consider helping him with his medical needs.

Will you make a heart connection with Rusty?


Meet LACEY! acey, is a 3-year-old, 40 lb, blind blue merle Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix. Lacey lost her family when they were forced to move and could not take her.  Lacey is a smart, sweet dog and yearns for a new family. She is crate trained, good with kids, and dogs. Did we mention she is a couch potato? She will enjoy watching TV or playing video games with her new family. She is also a quiet dog and will be a loyal companion to her new person or family. Due to her blindness and for her safety, she will need secure fencing. Any outdoor activity beyond the fence will require a leash.


A great first adoption of the new year!
Our adorable and always happy Ally has been adopted!!!
You can’t help but smile when you meet Ally, she has Cerebellum Hypoplasia so her balance and coordination aren’t always the best, she has never let that slow her down or dampen her spirit though. She could teach us so much.
This wonderful family decided to take her home to see if they could provide a safe and loving environment for her. Within days, we received this text update:
"We would love to make Ally now MALI a permanent part of our family, she is a love and she fits in perfect. She gets around our home with ease! We discovered she definitely likes more carpeted areas, so we have order carpets, for her stability. She loves going on adventures with me and so great in the car!
We have changed our lives a bit to make her life safe with us and so worth it she has been the greatest addition to our family, we all LOVE her! “
Thank you to this family who opened their home and hearts to Mali, who spent just shy of a year at our rescue. She has so much love to give and we could not be happier for her


Ally, a 1 year old, 19 lbs. corgi heeler mix. Allie was in a dire situation in rural Alabama. A kind woman took in 2 strays one being pregnant. As Ally began to grow she immediately notice she was “different.” She had an abnormal gate and coordination issues, but she was totally responsive to her and still wanted to play. Her vet was concerned and would not give her any normal puppy care without a diagnosis. Abbie needed help, and we stepped up for her. Ally’s first week here has been a whirlwind of care. First, an MRI was performed by our neurologist, confirming what we thought Cerebellum Hypoplasia. Ally’s cerebellum was not fully developed in utero. After her diagnosed she was cleared to receive her vaccinations and to be spayed! Ally is now ready to find the right home and family that will be patient with her and understand her needs.

Ally is about the sweetest dog! She is great with people, kids, and other dogs. But her adopters will need to learn how to manage her and understand her physical limitations. To manage Ally, it is vital that you understand her physical limitations. She has difficulty controlling her movements but is able to drink and eat on her own. Watching her navigate her life has been amazing. She is one determined little dog! Ally will need a safe environment to live in due to her imbalance, stairs and uneven hilly ground are a hazard for her. A non-slip floor is ideal for her. Ally needs one level living home with a flat fenced in area.



Calling all hound lovers!
Boots is a 3 yr old, 65 pound, blind hound that has never had a real home. Boots spent his life living in a dirty pen with other hunting dogs. Although Boots was obviously blind, diabetic like symptoms were noticed (increased thirst/urination). Our internal medicine team assessed him and diagnosed him with Diabetes Insipidus, a disease where the pituitary gland fails to regulate fluid intake and output. Boots’ condition is easily managed with affordable oral medication.

Because Boots was never in a home, he is currently being fostered (a HUGE thank you to Trails End Pet Sitting, LLC) to learn home manners. He is thriving in a home environment and quickly learns the lay of the land. While he does take time to warm up to new people, he absolutely loves the company of other dogs. Boots would prefer to not share his home with feline friends. He wrestles, plays tug and does all the things any other dog does! He is learning what things are toys versus things that are not (blankets, towels, pillows, beds, etc.) but is quickly redirected when he gets it wrong. He does crate when alone and at night without any issue. He has found his hound voice and loves to use it when playing, wanting attention or for feedback to know his people are near.  He is truly a gem and can’t wait to find for forever home!

Updated June 2021

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