All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - please consider making a "Heart Connection"  with one or more. 
They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life and need your support.


Pets with Disabilities is located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.

Meet Rocky!

Rocky is a 5 month old terrier mix. He was abandoned at a rural shelter, who then reached out to us for help. How could we turn our backs, Rocky deserved a chance!

Rocky was born with severe front limb deformities. Rocky is dealing with his life challenges like a champ. We have had him to our regular veterinarian and orthopedic specialist. They are both in agreement that his legs are not painful and are useful to him.  Currently, Rocky is living with 4 other small/medium sized adult dogs and doing well. He has typical puppy behaviors and will need help with house/crate training. He settles nicely, he is not destructive, and he does tire more quickly than able body puppies.

We would like to find a local DMV adopter or foster home for Rocky.  Rocky would do great in a one level home, preferably with easy access to outside yard. He will need to be carried up and down stairs. He currently weighs 14 pounds. The vet does not believe he will be much more than 30 pounds full grown.
Please share Rocky far and wide so we can find an appropriate home and family to fit his needs.

See him in action here

Will you make a heart connection with Rocky?


Little Sadie was luckily found in a ditch by some concerned college students. Both legs on her left side were severely fractured. Our rescue partners contacted us for help, how could we turn our backs? Sadie is now 4 weeks post-op and walking on all 4 legs! The surgery was a success.

Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:
“Sadie is a super sweet mixed breed puppy around 4 months old. She loves cuddling with humans and fur friends alike. There are 4 other dogs in the house who range from 7 lbs. to 100 lbs. and she gets along with all of them. She even loves the cat. She is easily occupied with toys, although she would prefer the family shoes. She enjoys people watching on her walks and doesn’t bark at anyone. She is mostly potty trained and will sit by the door asking to go out. She is crate trained but would much rather be on the couch or in a bed cuddled up.”

We are now accepting applications on this sweet dog.

Will you make a heart connection with Sadie?


Meet Smiley a 3 year old, 37 pound female hound mix. Smiley was found as a stray in North Carolina. She was a shelter favorite and we could hear the cheers when we rescued her! Why do we call her Smiley? Smiley is just one happy dog, besides wagging her tail her facial expressions are priceless. She expresses so much emotion in her little snout! She is playful with other dogs (would love a playmate) good with felines, a great car rider, crate trained, bottom line she loves life! Currently, she is living with 5 dogs (old and young) and a cat.

Smiley was diagnosed by our neurologist with “movement disorder.” She manages her disability very well. She is able to do a few steps, but we feel one level living would be the safest and a fenced in area. Due to her disability, she is not great on lead, but with a patient person and consistency she might eventually get better! Smiley was also diagnosed with heartworm disease, her treatment is almost over and she is ready to find her forever family!

Will you make a heart connection with Smiley?


Archie came to us from our local shelter that seized 120 + dogs living in unsanitary conditions.

Archie is a 2 year old, 18 pound Chinese Crested mix. Archie is missing part of one of his hind legs. We have no idea how it happened, but we do know that it doesn’t slow him down! No additional vet care needed for the leg. He is not in pain, and it does not hinder him in any way.

As you can imagine he came to us very timid and scared. In only took him about a week to realize we were here to help him and make him feel better. He was miserable- scratching and biting at his fur non-stop, his skin so red and irritated, missing fur all over. After a trip to the vet, the addition of medication and medicated baths, and finally living in a clean healthy environment, his skin is already starting to turn around and he is a much happier pup because of it!
His adorable, playful and silly personality is starting to show more and more everyday. He enjoys the company of other dogs and is learning to co-exist with a feline friend too!

Archie would make a great companion for other canine friends and once he warms up (which doesn’t take long) you’ve got a friend for life!

Will you make a heart connection with Archie?



Baylee is a 4 year old beautiful, pure bred Plot hound. She was a found with an injured back leg in in rural Georgia. She was most likely abandoned after her injury. Baylee loves human attention and like most hounds enjoys the company of other dogs. She has also discovered the comforts of inside living, you can usually catch her curled up on her new bed. She has found a better life and she knows it!

Due to her neglect she is extremely underweight and unfortunately tested positive for deadly heartworm disease. We have started her treatment. Our veterinarian feels her leg injury is old and has healed. She is not in any pain and is using her leg. She will have a consult with our orthopedic soon. Baylee will be ready for adoption in the beginning of Summer.

Heartworm disease is easily preventable - but, very expensive to treat (in time & money!). Please donate to Baylee's treatment.

Will you make a heart connection with Baylee?


Olly is ADOPTED!! We recently got an adoption update from his new adopters:

"Ollie is doing well - he loves snuggling with us in the evening and at bedtime. He's very protective of his space, sometimes sitting on the bed to look out the window and growl at people across the street. He does bark, although he remains friendly with strangers once he's had a chance to check them out. He comes with us in the car when we run errands, usually sitting in my lap. He's had several trips with me to Petco and he continues to want to play with every dog he sees. He loves his toys, playing with a plastic bottle and an old basketball outside. He also loves doing zoomies in his new fenced in backyard! We are always looking for ways to keep him busy."

Thank you, Jess, for fostering Ollie back to health and helping us find him a great home!

Ollie is an 8-10 month old, 15 pound, Basenji/Jack Russell Terrier Mix.
Ollie is full of life and energy! He is very playful and will make you laugh daily with his antics. He is currently in an experienced foster home and has made a lot of progress with crate training, house training and leash walking.
Ollie enjoys the company of other dogs, humans of all sizes and even cats. We think his ideal home would have a nice yard to run and play in, another playful dog to romp around with, and maybe children to snuggle with.
If you are looking to add some life to your household, Ollie is your guy!


Marcus, now Scooby is sharing his tale in Cape Cod, and has been adopted to repeat PWD adopters!

He is living life to the fullest now and has joined 4 other rescue dogs! Scooby has fully healed and now romps joyously on Cape Cod's beaches, leaving his painful past far behind. Surrounded by his 4 other rescue pals and two loving humans, he embodies the invincible spirit of dogs and the power of love to mend even the deepest wounds.

Have a great life Scooby! We will always remember your tale at PWD! These are the happy endings we live for. It makes all the hard work worth it!

Early Monday morning we received a plea to help a young puppy. The night before, a police officer had found him in a roadside ditch in rural Georgia - severely injured, abandoned, cold, wet, alone, and in unimaginable pain.
The puppy, now named Marcus, was rushed to a local animal hospital for examination to determine the extent of his injuries.
It was discovered that he had suffered severe orthopedic damage, most likely from being hit by a car and left to die. His front left leg is broken, his back right femur suffered a compound fracture with broken bone sticking thru skin, and his left back leg is also broken. Thru all of the pain and suffering he was going through, his tail never stopped wagging - telling us his spirit was not broken, and asking us to please help him.
So, we did what we do here at Pets with Disabilities: We were determined to save him, and give him the second chance he deserves.
With the help of a caring team behind him, we were able to find a kind person to transport Marcus from Georgia to the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. Due to his extensive issues euthanasia was discussed, but we knew their surgeon from previous cases and had confidence he could help Marcus.
Marcus underwent surgery yesterday (1/18/24) to fix all three legs. He is alert, eating and still wagging his tail this morning! He will be in the hospital for a good week, then transported to PWD. Marcus has a long road to recovery.
Surgical costs will be between $15,000 to $20,000. We know it is a big ask, especially right after the holidays, but Marcus’s life is worth it!
Any donations toward his vet bills is very much appreciated.
You can donate directly to PWD or, if you prefer, you can make a donation for Marcus’s care directly to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. If you would like to do that, please contact them at 843-614-8387, please tell them name of dog and organization and they will send a direct link from their hospital to donate.UPDATE - FEB 6, 2024
BIG day for Marcus! His cast/splint, e-collar, and help me up harness have all been taken off today! He is up on all fours, walking very well considering all he’s been through! Making great strides in just a few weeks! Thank you to all who have made it possible for us to give him a second chance at life.
He is still healing, so we expect more progress as the weeks go on but he is well on his way!


Meet MARKY Marky Mark was a stray from one of our small rural Virginia shelters. We said yes when the shelter contacted us about this little adult pup.   Marky Mark is a very healthy mature dog. He is about 7 years old and is exceptionally healthy and spunky for his age. He is now neutered, has had a dental, and is now ready to share his beagle spirit with a forever family!   The best way to describe Marky is to say MERRY Marky! He has an even temperament and a gentle disposition. He enjoys the company of other dogs, craves human attention, travels well in the car and is very quiet for his breed! Most often, we see him sleeping on a bed with another pup or curled up on top of the couch.   A fenced-in area or leash walking would be ideal for Marky Mark. If you are looking to expand your pack with an overall friendly guy, Marky would be a great pick!


Are you looking for a furry companion to keep you warm and safe? If so, Zeus is your man!

Zeus, a blind, 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Heeler mix. Wrigley was surrendered to the shelter when his family could no longer care for him due to changes in their living situation.

Zeus enjoys human attention and loves to snuggle against your legs and will even lay in your lap if you let him. He is a huge fan of belly rubs. He will follow the sound of your voice and does well with a hand placed on his head or shoulder for guidance. He waits patiently for his food to be prepared. He would love a fenced in yard as he likes to romp and stretch his legs! He also gets big dog zoomies! He would make a fantastic hiking buddy. He is housebroken and fairly quiet in the house usually only barking at unfamiliar noises. Zeus' ideal home would be as an only dog, with children 10 years and older (Just due to his size and age-not temperament) and prefers living with no feline friends.

Zeus is a great pup, looking to be a loyal part of someone's family.

Will you make a heart connection with Zeus?


Our handsome Snoopy has been adopted!
We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Butch at Perfect Pet Resort and Trails End Pet Sitting for working with Snoopy so this adoption would be a success!
We received a great update from his new pawrents Terri AndStephen Waller:
“We are so excited to welcome Snoopy into our home, our family and our hearts. He is such a handsome pup. Full of enthusiasm for new adventures on Broomes Island. Snoopy loves playing fetch inside the fence and big adventures to the dock and beach. He loves to go for rides on the boat, car and golf cart. He enjoys meeting new people and is working so hard to sit as he excitedly greets new friends. Snoopy brings us so much joy. We can't thank Pets with Disabilities for all they did for Snoopy! Forever grateful."
Congratulations Snoopy enjoy your new life!

Meet SNOOPY Snoopy is a 1.5-year-old handsome Australian Shepherd mix who came to us from a shelter partner because he was limping on his right rear leg (September 2023).

Once he arrived, we got him to our Orthopedic Specialist. They completed x-rays and confirmed a fracture in his rear right femur that was already healing. No surgery was necessary, and the fracture fully healed on its own. When you see him today, you would never know he once had an injury! Amazing how dogs can endure so much pain and still be wagging their tails.

Snoopy is a ready-made medium size (40ish pounds) pup looking for his forever home! He has a great personality with the ability to play independently as well as with a well-matched group. His ideal match would be a pup with similar energy as him or slightly less. Snoopy is an active, playful guy who enjoys a good game of tug of war or romping around the yard. Snoopy would also make a great hiking companion and would enjoy exploring outdoor eateries, wineries, or breweries with his new family. With his breed, he can exhibit herding behavior, but he is able to be redirected. He has received formal obedience training (at a local Board and Train Facility) in which the adopter will receive training for in order to continue his learning and success. Snoopy is also very good on a leash, knows sit, down, heel and come reliably. He will need a home that reinforces his training. He is fully housebroken and does not require a crate at night or when alone. He loves to snuggle too and has the softest ears! He has been around many other dogs and can do well in a home with another dog or being the only dog. It is unknown how he will behave around children as he has not had much exposure to them. Snoopy would prefer a home without cats.



This week we have rescued several neglect cases, but when Rusty arrived weighing in at 35 lbs, he really tore our hearts out. Rusty is approximately 5 years old and has a lovely happy sweet personality. He loves other dogs and tolerates cats too!

Besides daily meals and routine vet care (neuter and vaccinations) he also will require weekly medicated baths for his skin and an amputation for an untreated injury to his right front leg. We found out he is heartworm positive. Were we surprised, no. Were we bummed, YES! This changes Rusty’s entire plan of care. Unfortunately he will have to complete Heartworm treatment, which will take at least 4 months, then proceed with the amputation. Heartworm if left untreated is DEADLY.

Rusty will have a long road to recovery with us, please consider helping him with his medical needs.

Will you make a heart connection with Rusty?

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