All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - please consider making a "Heart Connection"  with one or more. 
They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life and need your support.


Pets with Disabilities is located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.


Ally, a 1 year old, 19 lbs. corgi heeler mix. Allie was in a dire situation in rural Alabama. A kind woman took in 2 strays, one being pregnant. As Ally began to grow she immediately notice she was “different.” She had an abnormal gate and coordination issues, but she was totally responsive to her and still wanted to play. Her vet was concerned and would not give her any normal puppy care without a diagnosis. Ally needed help, and we stepped up for her.

Ally’s first week here has been a whirlwind of care. First, an MRI was performed by our neurologist, confirming what we thought Cerebellum Hypoplasia. Ally’s cerebellum was not fully developed in utero. After her diagnosis, she was cleared to receive her vaccinations and to be spayed! Ally is now ready to find the right home and family that will be patient with her and understand her needs.

Ally is about the sweetest dog! She is great with people, kids, and other dogs. But her adopters will need to learn how to manage her and understand her physical limitations. To manage Ally, it is vital that you understand her physical limitations. She has difficulty controlling her movements but is able to drink and eat on her own. Watching her navigate her life has been amazing. She is one determined little dog! Ally will need a safe environment to live in due to her imbalance, stairs and uneven hilly ground are a hazard for her. A non-slip floor is ideal for her. (Ally needs one level living home with a flat fenced in area.)

Will you make a heart connection with Ally?


Meet Smidge, a 2 year old Beagle/Dachshund mix, weighing in at a perfect 18 pounds. Smidge’s back leg needed to be amputated after a very old injury he sustained was too old to repair- this recommendation came from our orthopedic surgeon. Surgery is now complete and healed!

He is currently 2 weeks post op and is now ready to find his forever home! Smidge is a great dog, great size, friendly to all he meets, and being 3 legged now makes him even more special!!

From his Foster Mom:
“Smidge is a wonderful dog that loves humans more than toys. He is great with other dogs, cats, and kids. The crate is his safe place and is still overcoming his fears (like the mean vacuum, and loud noise) he will hide, eat, and sleep in his crate with no fuss. I am finding him a little picky on treats but he is happy to take belly rubs in exchange. We are working on leash walking and despite having three legs he can go up and down stairs like a champ, and he is fast on his 3 legs! Smidge is a joy to foster. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, he is the one!”

Will you make a heart connection with Smidge?


Meet Daphne, a 4 year old boxer mix who landed in an overcrowded South Carolina shelter after her family decided a trampoline was more important than her life. Definitely hard to believe, this was on their relinquishment form…..

The day she was scheduled to be euthanized the shelter staff rallied around Daphne hoping for a miracle. Daphne did not stand a chance, she was heartworm positive and needing major orthopedic surgery. As the shelter told us - its hard enough getting the healthy ones adopted or rescued. She was at the top of the euthanasia list. The next day Daphne was with us. She will have to undergo heartworm treatment (which has already begun) before we can address her orthopedic surgeries. After her consultation with our orthopedic surgeon it has been confirmed that she has bilateral painful patella luxation that is now being controlled with pain medications until she is heartworm free and safe to go under anesthesia for surgery.

Daphne is a sweet girl and will have a long and expensive haul here at PWD, but we are happy the shelter took the time to give us a call- Daphne definitely deserved this second chance and we are excited for her future once this bump in the road is conquered.

Her expenses for heartworm treatment and orthopedic surgery will cost well over $6,000.
Please consider making a donation towards Daphne’s care. Every little bit helps!

Will you make a heart connection with Daphne?


Meet Patty the pocket Beagle!

Patty came to us on St. Patrick’s Day from a local Animal Shelter. Patty is a 13 pound, blind (no eyes), senior (8-10 years old) Beagle. Don’t let her age fool you this petite girl has a whole lot of pep in her step still! She seems to adjust to new environments pretty well considering her blindness, even navigating a couple of outdoor steps! She likes other dogs and we believe would do best with another canine companion. Patty also resides with a cat and although curious has behaved well. She also seems to be house trained.

Patty is the cutest little pocket pup and is super sweet. She’s portable and could travel along with you!

Patty would make a great addition to most homes.

Will you make a heart connection with Patty?

Boots found a Heart Connection with LEANNE BOYER - thank you!

Calling all hound lovers! Meet Boots - a 2 yr old, 50 pound, blind hound that has never had a real home. Boots spent his life living in a dirty pen with other hunting dogs. Although Boots was obviously blind, we noticed diabetic like symptoms in his habits. Our internal medicine team has assessed him and diagnosed him with diabetes insipidus. A disease that is easily managed with an affordable medication (no needles!!).

Because Boots was never in a home, the PWD staff has begun some basic training. His new family will need to continue this and help Boots understand the wonderful sounds, smells, stairs, furniture, etc  he will encounter living in a home. He will overcome his skittish reaction to new stimuli with patience and quality time. He is great with humans and other dogs and would likely thrive with another dog in the family. He will require a fenced yard for his safety.

Boots is a diamond in the rough, a "clean slate" ready to learn about all the good things a life in a home can offer. Whether you are a hound lover or not - you will be a Boots lover. (see his video on our Facebook page)

We also would consider a long term foster to adopt. Please consider Mr. Boots.

Will you make a heart connection with Boots?


Ginger is looking for her new person. After her person passed away, one of our shelter partners contacted us on behalf of this three-legged love bug. Ginger is an 8 year old,  40 lb golden retriever mix. Ginger has experience a lot of change and still she remains consistently calm and adaptive. She is housebroken, quiet, great on a lead, and great with people. She probably lived all of her life as an only dog since she seems a little nervous meeting new dogs, but with the proper introduction to the right dog, she may come to enjoy a canine friend. (but she may not be a candidate for dog park lovers.)

Love knows no age and will run to greet you at the door on three legs as fast as on four! So if you are looking for a low-maintenance furry friend to add love and companionship to your life, you may be Ginger's person!

Ember found a Heart Connection with Christina Milford - thank you!


We would like to thank everyone who made this day possible for Ember. Ember can now share her story of survival with others. We are thrilled for Ember and her new life!

Here is an update from Ember’s new Mom:
“Ember is a dream! She is settling right in and getting along great with her new brother Rocky. She is popular with all the humans and has even made some new dog friends at the park. She loves playing with her toys, exploring on walks and going to the dog park. Shes doing great with training and will now come and sit for treats. She is very patient with her PT exercises and is walking great!
In the mornings, she likes to join me and Rocky for cuddles while I drink my coffee then nap in her new bed while I work. But her favorite spot is definitely the couch! I am excited for all the snuggles and adventures to come, especially as the weather warms up! I feel very lucky to have Ember and Rocky in my life.”


Ember loves life. She is just plain happy. Her very presence is a reminder of the importance of having a positive outlook on life despite its difficulties. Ember is an 18 mo, 20 lb. Beagle mix who came to us with a shattered pelvis and broken leg after she was hit by a car while escorting her litter across a road. Despite her initial prognosis, she is now defying the odds and is walking on all four legs because of her hard work. Her community feels that her work should be rewarded with a life full of love because she has so much to give. In fact, Ember's love is boundless as she is good with kids, cats, and other dogs; in fact, she loves to cuddle her people but is extremely playful and would love a puppy mate. Her only restrictions are physical in that she will need one-level living with minimal stairs and a smaller fenced area or leash walking. She is puppy-pad trained as well so that she has a back-up as she adjusts to your outside/potty routine. This accommodation and a special diet to maintain weight are necessary because her injury left her with a narrow pelvis.

Ember's story of survival reflects the very best of rescue work. Thanks to PWD's passionately committed community, Ember's surgical success and rehabilitation has exceeded expectations. Ember is ready for the rehoming chapter of her story and is looking for a forever family that is understanding of her needs for future success. If you are looking for a companion that inspires your happiness everyday and are willing to be patient in creating a routine that works for you and Ember, then you have found a gem with this pup.


Meet Redtops, aka Reds! Reds is an adorable 15 lb senior Corgi mix. He is 13 years old. He was surrendered to one of our local shelters due to their caretakers failing health After his senior vet check-up, Redtops is a very healthy senior!

He is a sweet dog that still has a lot of pep in his step, he is playful, great appetite, loves his treats and of course his bed. We would love to see him in a home as a cherished member of a family for his remaining senior years. Redtops has done well with other dogs his own size, and for the most part house broken. Nothing more gratifying then to adopt a senior.

Will you make a heart connection with Redtops?


We knew it wouldn’t take too long for this little sweet guy to be adopted! He is just adored by his new pet parents!

We just received an update from his family:
“He has charmed everyone who has met him. It is hard not to love this little guy. Easing him into walks with the leash. He's doing ok. He loves Charlie, the dog whose yard shares a fence with ours. Arlo runs out to see him and then bounds back into the house. I think he's adjusting well. So thankful you rescued him for us!”

Meet Arlo, a one-eyed senior 25 lb Shiba Inu/ Eskimo Mix (our best guess). Arlo had been at our local shelter for a long while. He was totally shut down and defeated, (Why am I still here?) We couldn’t turn our back on this little guy, even though we were busting at the seams with rescue pups, so on a cold rainy night he found his new lease on life. He became a PWD dog!

Within a few days and a good bath, he came to life and what a GREAT dog, personality plus!

Upon Arlos’s first visit to our vet, it was discovered he had a lens luxation in his left eye, unfortunately his eye needed to be removed because it was painful. However this made him even cuter, who wouldn’t want their dog to wink at them 24/7! Arlo is quiet, well-mannered, housebroken and has the cutest little prance, we all just love him! He is an independent soul, good with others and will make a great addition to any family.


Jenny is a 5 year old, 48lb German Shepherd mix who was pulled from a shelter by one of our rescue partners. After a few months with us, we have successfully treated her heartworm and have assessed her orthopedic condition. The conclusion is that Jenny has bilateral hip dysplasia, but her specific level of need can be treated with controlled quality-of-life measures such as weight management, exercise, and traditional over-the-counter supplements. In fact, since dysplasia is common in Shepherd breeds, experienced owners will likely be familiar with care and treatment.

But Jenny does not require an experienced Shepherd owner; she only requires a home looking for a dog who is smart, alert, loyal, and susceptible to training. She is house-broken, crate and lead-trained, and she has been successfully tested with both dogs and cats, although lower-energy fur-siblings may be a better fit so that Jenny's exercise can be more easily controlled.

If you are looking for wonderful dog that will thrive living a simpler or slower pace to life, then Jenny may be a good fit for you.

Will you make a heart connection with Jenny?


Shirley is hearing impaired and had a large suspicious mass on her back leg. She is approximately 8 years old 20 lbs., Dachshund/Beagle mix. Shirley was pulled minutes before she was to be euthanized. She is  an older dog with special needs, unfortunately these dogs are marked first to be killed. The shelter staff was so thankful we were able to get this arranged so quickly. Shirley was a bit nervous, but her new friend Vinnie (also pulled the same time) set her mind at ease as they were both traveled safely up to PWD.

Since Shirley's arrival we have surgically removed her masses and thankfully they were benign. She has settled nicely with the help of the other dogs at the Regal Beagle House. She looks to her hearing friends for guidance and confidence. She would benefit having a kind hearing dog to help and guide her in her new home. She enjoys hanging on the sofa and has slowly warmed up to us. She is a good dog and a perfect size. She will need a patient person to gain her trust, but once that bond is established you will have a companion for life.

Will you make a heart connection with Shirley?

Matt found a Heart Connection with Christina Milford - thank you!
UPDATE: "Medical Foster Partner" needed


Matt came to us from one of our local shelters. A plea was put out and we answered. He was originally found as a stray, unable to use his rear legs. Being a senior, paralyzed dog, his chances of adoption or even rescue were slim.

Mike went right to work taking measurements and fitting him to a wheelchair for his needs. Within hours of arrival, Matt was up and rolling in his new ride! Such a sense of freedom and independence when they realize they can move easy again! Matt has been with us for over a year without any interest. At times Matt is able to walk on all 4 legs but the majority of time he does need his wheelchair for support.

Matt is a fantastic dog with a great temperament! He gets along with everyone and all dogs! He loves his ball and is very fast in his wheelchair.  We all feel he would be a fantastic therapy dog! He needs "one level living".

We are looking for a special person to partner with us in Matt's care. While every adopter becomes a lifetime member of the PWD family, Matt's person would be an active member as a "medical foster." This means that because Matt struggles with incontinency and mobility, he requires additional patience and maintenance. PWD would still stay very involved as the legal "owner", continuing to provide support, specialized diet if needed, medicine and veterinary care. The goal of this partnership is to place dogs with a fabulous temperament into a loving home, to have "their people", and live their life to the fullest. If you are interested in participating in this partnership, please contact Joyce.

Will you make a heart connection with Matt?

Halo found a Heart Connection with Kimberly Kinsey

Martha Baynard made a Heart Connection with Halo

UPDATE: "Medical Foster Partner" needed

HALO - an 8 year old, 25lb Cockapoo, was surrendered to PWD by her family after she developed medical issues. After assessing Halo, we found out her resulting issues were actually from a stroke. Despite her subsequent disabilities, she is spunky, mobile, and determined. She has a lively personality, loves toys and is small and easy to carry and hold in your lap! Halo has never needed a wheelchair to get around - but she does require one-level living.

We are looking for a special person to partner with us in Halo's care. While every adopter becomes a lifetime member of the PWD family, Halo's person would be an active member as a "medical foster." This means that because Halo struggles with incontinency, she requires additional patience and maintenance. PWD would still stay very involved as the legal "owner", continuing to provide support, specialized diet if needed, medicine and veterinary care. The goal of this partnership is to place dogs with a fabulous temperament into a loving home, to have "their people", and live their life to the fullest. If you are interested in participating in this partnership, please contact Joyce.

Will you make a heart connection with Halo?

Jane Gentile found a Heart Connection with Bishop - thank you!

Bishop is a handsome 4-5 year old lemon  hound, who is deaf.  He  was surrendered to one of our Virginia shelters we partner with.  He is  about 50 lbs., fun, active, goofy pup, that will put a smile on your face.  He loves attention, and will curl up and lay on just about anything. He has flourished here at PWD and has made many new friends here. A sweet gentle soul good with people, cats and great with kids.  However, Bishop has some possession issues  with other dogs and so we do feel he does needs to be an only dog.   Bishop would do great in a secure  area or leash walking. 

UPDATE: Bishop’s life change here at PWD when very experience and compassionate foster person came to visit with some of our pups. She asked if she could help Bishop. (of our long timers here at PWD) This is her first experience with a hearing impaired dog and a hound! In his first days they have accomplished a lot together! Here is her first update

He had a better night last night. He is in the doggy suite now for while in preparation to a longer stay tomorrow when I go to work. Have only heard him bark once or twice. He is a sweet boy and it is funny, we are working on sitting before we go thru a doorway, and while he is getting the hang of it before we leave the house, going back in is another story. He is smart and knows what I want but he will actually turn his head away from me like a stubborn child how doesn’t want to do something. I have lots of time so I just wait til he decides to sit, however briefly, he gets a piece of kibble then we go in but it is so funny to see him actually turn his head as if to say, nope not doing it. I normally wouldn’t be doing this this soon but he is so smart, that I think he needs and can do these simple challenges. He gets a treat and a thumbs up sign each time he does something good. He gets a high value treat, a tiny piece of chicken, each time he potties outside as inside still is an issue.


Oct 1st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop has been amazing in short time he has been here. Has he been a perfect angel, no, but in just two weeks he has learned the signs for come, sit, wait and down. He sits and waits to go out and to come inside and he sits and waits for his breakfast and dinner. His leash manners vastly improved once he became comfortable with his new walking areas. Is he 100% no, but then who is, he is still a work in progress and with each day we practice, he improves a bit more and is proud of himself, you can see by the smile on his face.

With any dog, if you want them to do something you must first get their attention usually by calling, clapping etc. but Bishop is deaf so you have to get his attention another way. To help with this challenge, he just got a present, a vibrating collar. Over the next few weeks we will be working on training with him to understand that the jiggling of his collar means look to me for a command sign. This will be a learning experience for both of us, there will be lots of treats involved, chicken for him, hot fudge sundaes for me, He is so smart bet he does much better than me.

Bishop is thrilled to have visitors come to the house, male or female, young or old, he loves them all. He is respectful, does not jump but follows them everywhere in the house. He loves his walks, running in the yard and chilling on the deck. I know he would love to go hiking or jogging, something this foster would love to do with him but can’t ....Could you?


Oct 21st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop continues to amaze me. He is a love, full of energy who lives to explore new sights and smells...especially the smells as his nose works overtime. He would be a great walking or hiking companion provided he was always on a leash. He is always thrilled greet anyone he meets along the way with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging.  We had to abandon the vibrating collar as it really frightened him even set on the lowest setting and are now exploring others ways of communicating. As long as treats are part of this process Bishop is always happy to try


His Aunt Jane gave him two doggy puzzles and he ❤️ 💕 💗 the challenge ( and of course all the treats he uncovers)


July 2020 - Bishop is a sweet, quirky ,independent and stubborn guy and is a work in progress. He is not a couch potato, is quite active and loves to be able to see and be outside. He loves sleeping in the sun and watching the world go by from the security of my second story front deck. Inside, if anything is blocking his view he will remove it such as shades, blinds and curtains. His nose drives his brain, if he catches a scent, specially a rabbit he goes bonkers and should the rabbit run under the fence, he is lightening fast and will try his hardest to wiggle under after the bunny. As he is deaf he can’t hear if he is called so he will not respond to a recall and will be long gone in a heartbeat. To keep him safe, he is always leashed when we go outside. He loves his long walks everyday however he is a strong guy and at times can pull very hard on his leash so needs a strong handler. Would love to take him on car rides and trips but he get very car sick even with anti nausea meds

Bishop has a fairly active bladder which means multiple trips outside at dawn, during the day and evening hours are a must. He lets you know he needs to go outside by tipping things over, plants, small tables, fans etc., if it is on the floor, nothing is off limits , even the in floor air registers, he pulls them out of the floor. He repeats this quirky behavior when he decides it is his meal time. He can not be crated, if closed in a room, will destroy the door to get out and still can not go all day without an accident

He has learned hand signals and knows sit, wait and down. He loves people and long walks but is extremely picky about other dogs and can quite bossy I am told. I do not have a cat but understand he was fine with them? While he is normally fairly quiet, he has his moments of loud barking, not great if you have close neighbors


Will you be Bishop's "heart connection"?

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