All of our dogs at Pets with Disabilities are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of “the defect” people see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living. 

As you read their stories - please consider making a "Heart Connection"  with one or more. 
They each have their own unique gifts of joy and love of life and need your support.


Pets with Disabilities is we are located in Southern Maryland. 
(ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.


This is what neglect looks like. In Oakley's 5 years, we don’t believe he has had any medical treatment. A plea was sent to us by a nearby shelter who were desperate to find this sweet boy safety. Shelters are at capacity or beyond right now so the animals that arrive sick or injured usually don’t stand much of a chance. Oakley’s call was answered.

On top of being thin and obvious skin issues, he will need his back leg amputated and heartworm treatment. Amputation surgery and Heartworm Treatment alone will cost the rescue nearly $4,500. This does not include basic vet care that will be done too (neuter, deworming, vaccines, blood work). Please consider making a donation to help Oakley get healthy. He has a lengthy road ahead of him, and we will be right there with him along the way.

Will you make a heart connection with Oakley?


Cap is a 5 yr old purebred border collie (he was purchased from Scotland). Cap was brought to the U.S. to herd sheep on a farm in SC. This was not work he was interested in doing, so he found a new home in "suburbia". PWD got a call after he had been hit by a car and needed hip surgery. He is currently recovering from FHO surgery and we anticipate he will need one more surgery for an ACL tear.

Cap is the "real deal"!!  He is sweet, smart, and although patient with the required 6 weeks of leash walking, is ready to get back into the frisbee grove. Cap needs to go to an experienced border collie home, with no children under the age of seven, and a fenced yard preferred. He has had limited interaction with other dogs during his recovery and has not been tested with cats.  We hope to have him out in play groups in the upcoming weeks.

Will you make a heart connection with Cap?


Jenga, a 9 year old Corgi needed an immediate fracture repair (completed 7/15) and a weight management program. Jenga was unable to walk when we met her. She is recovering from a successful surgery and we are beginning to see the true "Corgi" spirit. She may be 9 and she may be carrying a few extra pounds, but she is still a smart, active "worker", true to her breed. She would do best in a home with limited stairs.

She has not had much interaction with other dogs while recovering, but she is living in harmony with a cat. Jenga will be available for adoption in Sept.

Will you make a heart connection with Jenga?

Athena found a Heart Connection with John Milligan, in memory of Baskers.


UPDATE: After her amputation the diagnosis of osteosarcoma was confirmed. This is a terminal and untreatable cancer. This was VERY sad news for us, but we are confident Athena has the courage to make the most out of everyday. She will be spoiled and loved by adopters that offered to bring her into their home with another PWD dog. She is bringing smiles to the family and we will make sure the rest of her journey is pain free and filled with love.

Athena arrived at the rescue after a plea from one of our local shelters. We will have more pictures soon as we get to know her, but she is believed to have osteosarcoma in her right front leg, and will require an amputation ASAP. At only 2 years old, how could we not give her the best chance possible! She is full of life, sweet and smart! We believe she is a border collie mix - she is sweet and super smart. We hope after amputation, she will be able to live a long happy life that every animal deserves.

Amputation surgery will cost approximately $2,000. Definitely a large expense for a rescue, but one we are willing to take on to save her life. We appreciate any amount you are able to donate.

Will you make a heart connection with Athena?

Ethan found a Heart Connection with "the memories of Georgie and Harlow".



Meet Ethan, a 4 year old mix breed, came to us with an injured rear leg and heartworm disease. After a consult with our orthopedic team, it has now been confirmed that his painful back leg will need an amputation. Through all of his trauma and neglect Ethan is one handsome, sweet dog, good with other pups, cats and loves the attention of humans! Amputation surgery will cost approximately $2,000. Definitely a large expense for a rescue, but one we are willing to take on for to improve his quality of life . We appreciate any amount you are able to donate.

Ethan is the 8th HW+ dog we have taken in this year. Heartworm is no joke and is 100% preventable! Although HW preventative is relatively inexpensive, Heartworm treatment costs the rescue nearly $1,200 and is a 4 month process to do it safely. If it wasn’t for the heartworm this sweet adorable fella would be ready for adoption fairly quickly after amputation surgery.

He will be visiting our vet and orthopedic specialist soon to come up with a game plan to best suit his needs.

Will you make a heart connection with Ethan?



Meet BOBO, a 10 year old cattle dog mix, was surrender to a rural South Carolina shelter. Although, not disabled, PWD was BOBO's lifeline, no other rescue wanted to take on his health concerns. Bobo was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and he is also heartworm positive. He is now under gone testing for Cushing's and we have started him on lifelong medications and also started his heartworm treatment, he is doing great considering all that he has gone thru in the past few weeks.

A little bit about Bo's personality. Bo is easy going, rolls with the punches, happy go lucky and is as sweet as pie. He has quickly settled into rescue life. He is quiet in his area that he shares with his new friend Thunder. We all love seeing him trot around the rescue yard with his new friend. He is feeling great and there is still a lot of pep in this older pup!

We are happy we saved Bobo's life. He has become a staff favorite and we know he will make a great companion in any home.

Will you make a heart connection with Bobo?


ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING! Elvis is a blind, 4-year-old, 65 lb., stunning Tree Walker Coonhound, and we all know……. “There ain’t nothin’ like a hound dog!"
Elvis eased into rescue life with great success. He is really enjoying his new found comforts: a comfy bed, good meals, and --- thank goodness --no more traditional hunting!

Elvis was bred to hunt bear. When his sight diminished he was no longer considered to be of any value. Euthanasia was the option, until PWD stepped up and rescued him. Elvis recently lost the remainder of his eyesight, but he has adjusted quickly and has learned to navigate the rescue yard with ease and confidence — He is AMAZING!

Elvis shares his apartment with a fellow rescue pup and they have become fast friends. Thus, a home with a fenced in area and a couple of friendly playful pups would be great for him. Elvis has been here a while with not much interest and hope he will tug at someone's heart. His temperament is a A plus, a real sweetheart — "a hunk of burnin’ love!" We also discovered he is a leaner. With his keen senses of smell and hearing, he now “hunts” human legs to lean on…….. ... forever, if possible!
Elvis will be a huge asset to a loving and wonderful home! Elvis will melt your heart and will make a great addition to your family!

Will you make a heart connection with Elvis - cause this boy’s "got a lotta lovin' to do?"

Lewis came to us unable to walk on all fours suffering from an old spinal cord injury. After a successful surgery by our talented neurologist, Dr. Neravanda and team, Lewis completed many months of recovery and rehab at PWD. He was a wonderful patient and we are so happy he can now walk again and the best part is he can live the rest of his years being loved the way he should be . His adopter found Lewis after the loss of her beloved beagle, Charlie - and this match had Charlie's blessing - "Charlie and I found each other when we were meant to and I believe Lewis and I have as well. I couldn't ask for a better boy to share the next part of my journey with."

MEET LEWIS! Meet Lewis, a really sweet older beagle, weighing about 30 lbs. Lewis was found as a stray at a local airport dragging himself, he landed at one of our local shelters. The odds were certainly against this old dog, not being able to walk and being a senior we knew PWD was his only hope. Lewis went straight to the hospital, where an MRI was perform and a week later spinal surgery. Lewis is now able to walk again, although he stumbles a bit, this spirited beagle does not let that bother him. He loves his walks, loves to be cuddled, enjoys his belly rubs, and to add to his amazing resume.. likes other dogs, cats, crate and is house trained.

Lewis's ideal home would be one level living. He walks nice on a lead but would nice for him to have a small flat parcel of land for him to navigate safely. Please give this boy a second chance of a loving home!

Foxie found a Heart Connection with Michelle Gerber
Foxie has a Heart Connection with Marianne & Edmund LeGrand


Meet our sweet active young Foxie! Foxie is a Golden Retriever/Spitz/Border Collie mix. She is only 2 year's old, and 25 lbs. Foxie was carried into the shelter along with her litter of cute puppies. The shelter did not noticed Foxie's abnormal gait until after the person left. Her puppies were quickly adopted but due to Foxie’s unique gait which is medically termed Cerebellum Disorder, she was left behind. PWD was called and she was transported to us quickly!

Foxie arrived and we all just fell in love with her! She is so happy, bubbly and her wobbly gate makes her even cuter! She can do everything a 'normal dog" can do just with a little more flair and bounce! She is good with dogs, loves to play, loves toys, good with cats, good with children and great in the car! Foxie will need one level living and a playful dog or cat. She does not do well on a leash and would prefer to have a fenced in yard.

On top of the Cerebellum Disorder, Foxie is also heartworm positive. Foxie is almost finished her heartworm treatment and will be ready for a new home early August. Don’t let her disorder stop you from meeting this adorable young girl. She will put a smile on your face every day! Please share so we can find her the perfect home

Will you make a heart connection with Foxie?


Wagner is an adorable 2-year-old lab mix that looks like a puppy! He has bilateral congenital limb deformity, meaning he was born with structural issues in his front legs. He has been seen by our orthopedic specialist, and it was determined that he does not need an amputation at this time. Wags is also heartworm positive, which will require treatment. He is mobile, loves to run around and play, and will surprise you with how high he can jump!

Wagner was extremely afraid and shy of people at first. It took almost a month for him to trust his fosters enough to put a leash and collar on him, but he has really come out of his shell! He loves to play with toys, chew bones, go for walks, and cuddle. He does tire very quickly on walks, so his ideal home would have a fenced in yard for him to run around freely but rest when he needs a break. He does not like to be crated but is well behaved if left out alone. Wags is house trained but does need to be taken out every 4 hours or so or he may have an accident. Wags needs an adult only home with a confident friend.

Will you make a heart connection with Wagner?


Meet our beautiful Leena! Our best age guesstimate is that Leena is 8 years old. She is 45 pounds and visually impaired. We believe she may be a Shiba Innu, Australian Cattle Dog mix. She and one of her pups were found as a stray behind an apartment building. Timing was perfect for Leena, Mike traveled down to the rural South Carolina shelter to rescue another blind pup, and Leena was able to hitch a ride to Maryland too. When she arrived, we could see her spirit was broken.

It was obvious that she had been neglected for many years. It took just a few short days for her to realize she was with humans who cared. She had horrible skin, super long nails that were painful to walk on, a large hockey puck size growth on her neck, eyes crusted over so bad she was blind, and had basically lost all the hair on her rear end.

Her new beginning started the day she arrived here. We needed a plan for treatment, and we knew it would take a lot of time and patience, but WOW to look her now! It is all so worth it! Leena has a new lease in life, and she feels great! Her coat is shiny and beautiful for the most part, her growths have been removed and finally she is spayed! She was a champ for all her medical procedures.

Leena now keeps company with 3 other dogs at our "Regal Beagle" Senior home and is patiently waiting for her chance at finding her forever family to call her own.
She is housetrained and LOVES to sleep on a comfy dog bed (sometimes she has to be coaxed to get up and get moving lol). Leena is super smart- she is a quick learner and once she trusts you, you will be her best friend forever. Please don't let her initial "stand-offish" behavior deter you, that is part of her M.O. Beyond that first meeting, you will find a lovable, silly, smart, lazy, and quiet girl that just wants a family to call her own. Leena also walks well on a leash and rides well in the car.

Leena would flourish in a quiet home, older children, a friendly dog, and a few comfy dog beds laying around for her to nap on. She truly is a no muss no fuss kind of dog. So, if you are looking to add an easy-going companion to your crew, she is the one!

Will you make a heart connection with Leena?



Meet Martin is an older 28 pound beagle/basset mix. Martin was rescued from a rural Virginia shelter. Martin was limping on his left rear leg, but after getting him to our vet, his Lyme test and HW test came back positive. The vet believes he was limping because of the Lyme diagnosis.  We have started treating him for both and his limp is now gone. His heartworm treatment will not be finished until late spring.

Martin's foster mom had all good things to say about our new boy . "Martin is a very loving boy. He loves cats, dogs and most of all, people. He is crate trained and housebroken. He would love to just hang out and shower you with affection. He rides great in the car, the front seat is his preference so he does not miss anything. He would be a great dog for any family!"


Meet Roxie, a 5 year old Retriever/Pity mix. She weighs about 55 lbs. She is blind and diabetic. Roxie was relinquished to the shelter due to her medical needs. She is a sweet dog and has been an absolute champ about taken her medications and daily injections. SO, please don’t let this frighten or deter you from wanting to meet her. PWD will help continue to assist her adoptive family with her medical needs if needed.

Roxie was fostered by an incredible person and she has a lot of great things to say about this girl:
Roxie is a sweetheart searching for her forever home! She is a happy dog, and is almost always seen wagging her tail. Roxie is always happiest when she is with you, and is up for any activity -- whether she is your sidekick while doing yard work, your sous chef while cooking, or your snuggle buddy while watching tv. She is very loving, and isn't shy about asking for belly rubs. Her favorite pastime is cuddling on the couch (or attempting to sit in your lap!).

Roxie is intelligent and easily trained to the rules of your home (e.g, learning what furniture she's allowed to sit on, wiping paws before coming inside when it's muddy out, etc.). She enjoys going for walks, and does very well on a leash. She is also great riding in the car. Roxie is playful, and gets bursts of energy that result in her scooting around the room or yard. She enjoys chewing on a bone, but beware -- she destroys soft toys within a matter of minutes!

While Roxie is blind, you would never know it! She quickly learns and navigates her surroundings, and is very alert, relying heavily on her hearing and sense of smell. Roxie also has diabetes and requires 2x daily insulin shots as well as regular blood glucose testing; however, these activities couldn't be easier! She lies on her back during blood testing so you can easily access her paws for the test, and her insulin shot is simple to administer while she's eating her meals. Roxie is a rockstar when it comes to maintaining her health, and her tail continues to wag the whole time!

Roxie loves people, and has yet to meet a stranger! She enjoys being the center of attention among her human family, and but she can be possessive with toys and food  around other dogs -- for these reasons, she is looking for a home where she can be the only pet. However, Roxie is all the dog you'll ever need, and the best friend anyone could ask for!

We feel should would do best as an only dog.  Please consider Roxie, she would be a great companion and friend.

Will you make a heart connection with Roxie?

Temporarily Unavailable
Luca found a Heart Connection with Kaye Moore - thank you!


LUCA is a very sweet 2 year old border collie no other rescue would consider. The shelter was concerned with major neurological concerns, we decided to give him a second chance since he was on the euthanasia list. He was taken from the shelter to our medical team and they recommended an MRI to rule out any physical reasons for his quirky behavior. The MRI was completed and showed no abnormalities, so now Luca is on medications and is in an experienced foster home, learning how to be a border collie again.

Luca loves people and gets long with all dogs.  He is very sound sensitive, but has found the tennis ball and treats can calm some of the sound worries. We anticipate Luca needing several months in his foster home.

UPDATE: Luc has made tremendous progress. He has learned "tug" and the tennis ball and will stay very focused for long periods of time. He likes his crate and has done well visiting parks and other border collie homes. He's decided cuddling on the couch is also something he can focus on. Luc will visit a "medical behaviorist" to get an opinion on reducing his medication. His extreme sound sensitivity is keeping him "temporarily unavailable" - although his quality of life has improved (he now knows he's a border collie!!) - his spinning, barking, circling with sound will make it difficult for him to fit into a normal home. We anticipate continued improvement as time goes on - he is very smart and is now connected to his environment and his person - making the behavior modification easier.

Will you make a heart connection with Luca?

Scooby found a Heart Connection with David and Dale Lehner- thank you!!

Scooby is a sweet 9 year old vision impaired mix. When we saw the picture of Scooby at the shelter he looked totally defeated. When he arrived at PWD in June 2020, he needed help fast. He had ear and eye infections along with one of the worst skin conditions we have seen here. He was also heartworm positive. His physical and mental condition was beyond what our primary care vet team could handle, so he landed in the care of our internal medicine doctor. After several different tests, it looks like Scooby's horrible condition was all from neglect.

UPDATE: Scooby has been in our care for almost a year now, and he is definitely feeling and looking better, but it has been quite a journey. We now see him trotting in our yard and loves his new found comforts, a cozy bed, clean area, daily meals, great vet care, and he seems to understand we are here to help him. Scooby has been a great patient and his slowly coming back to life. Scooby still receives weekly medicated baths and daily medication to help keep his skin under control. He is a very good boy for his baths. He now has new hair growth in many areas where hair did not exist before.

Scooby has come so far since arriving here and we are confident that he will recover and be ready for a forever home that understands and accepts his skin care needs sometime in 2021. Scooby has grabbed all our hearts at the rescue. His life up until he arrived here was not good. It is believed he ended up in this horrible condition due to living outside with extended sun exposure and nowhere for him to escape the sun's rays. Unfortunately, permanent skin damage has been done, so from now on we will maintain with medicated baths, medication and continued medical care when needed.

Scooby is by far one of the easiest, most laid back pups we have at the rescue. He is a pleasure to be around. Once he warms up to you and realizes you are his friend, he enjoys your company. He is housetrained , rides wonderfully in the car, and is quiet as a mouse. We think he would enjoy the company of another calm dog friendly dog. Scooby has been neutered and has completed heartworm treatment.

He could use a few "heart connections" to help with his continued medical care.

Will you make a heart connection with Scooby?

Sampson found a Heart Connection with Teresa Sala - thank you!!

Meet Sampson, a very docile handsome senior hound/collie mix. After having a home for over 9 years Sampson landed back in a rural Virginia shelter due to the health of his adopter. While at the shelter the 2nd time, he suddenly became blind. Sampson has been diagnosed with SARDS, Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration. This is not a painful condition and there is no therapy for it.

Sampson is adjusting slowly to his lack of vision and will need a patient person to help him navigate in his new home. He loves to be outside so a secured fenced-in area would be great and wide open indoor floor plan in his home would be beneficial for him, with limited stairs but Sampson might also be a great candidate for urban living, condo living or apartment living, he is a quiet dog and very good on lead! Although he does well with dogs, he might prefer being the only dog in the home. This older guy has grabbed our hearts and with a little guidance and vocal coaching he will learn his new routine. He loves taking naps and being sprawled on his bed!

Will you make a heart connection with Sampson?

Tate found a Heart Connection with Catriona Bagley - thank you!


Please share Tate's story- He will need long term medical care!

Our local rescue colleagues asked us to accept Tate into our program. He had been previously treated for an un-diagnosed lung issue, and he desperately needed a quiet and calm place to live. Of course we said, “YES!” Tate fit perfectly into our senior home. He was doing great over the past couple weeks, until last Friday when things quickly went south. Tate stopped eating and could barely breathe. We rushed him to the ER where he received oxygen therapy, and a whole new set of medications, under the watchful eye of Dr. Guma, our Internal Medicine Doctor and Dr. Bonistalli and her ER staff were able to stabilize Tate enough that he was able to come home on Monday and we are so grateful.

Tate has a long road ahead of him but this boy is a fighter! He is not ready to give up, and neither are we. In order to help Tate, we are asking all of our PWD supporters to please pitch in with “T-Bills for Tate!” Ten and twenty dollar bills — and multiples of either —donated in Tate’s name. It’s amazing what we can do when we work together, so let’s AMAZE our Tate…… right back into good health! (click here to donate)

Will you make a heart connection with Tate - he needs several "Heart Connections"

TY found a Heart Connection with Jessica Clark

Welcome the elegantly tuxedoed Ty! This beautiful 2-year-old mix was in desperate need of rescue, and PWD happily stepped up! (Much to the relief of the local rescue system, which was not equipped to handle his difficulties.)

Ty is a paraplegic and spent the past year (yes, half of his life) dragging around his terribly malnourished body. Just days ago Ty’s life was on the line, but he arrived at PWD and was fitted with his first set of wheels. He is already zooming around the yard with only a few minor hiccups! Amazing what a difference love, respect, good nutrition, and proper care can do for a vibrant canine like Ty!! Ty gets along with other dogs.

Will you make a heart connection with Ty? 

Halo found a Heart Connection with Kimberly Kinsey

HALO - a 6 yr old, 25lb cockapoo with a back injury. We received a phone call from a local young woman who had suffered a stroke that left her with one side paralyzed. Her beloved cockapoo, Halo, had suffered a spinal cord injury at about the same time. The phone call to us was a hard one for her, I could tell she loved her dog with all her heart, but she also knew she could no longer provide the care Halo desperately needed. This rescue was gut wrenching for us all, because Halo spent all of her time by the side of her fur mom, keeping her company as they both tried to cope with their adversities. Halo’s mom asked us to help and we did.

We told her we will give Halo the best life, either here at PWD, or with an adopter who understands Halo’s health. Halo’s journey with us begins today with grooming and a trip to the vet. Halo is an a amazing trooper who is still walking with assistance. She will have imaging done on her spine to determine if we can help improve her mobility. We are so happy we were in the position to help Halo and the fur mom who loves Halo so very much that she was willing to relinquish her, in order to give her the best possible life.

We will be posting new information on angelic Halo as we learn more about her and her condition. Do check back with us to see how she is doing, and for anyone who is interested in having a halo of their own, please consider becoming Halo’s angel or making a donation towards her care.

Update! She has been to the groomer!  We would like to give a shout out to Colleen at Rita’s Grooming for making Halo look and feel like a million bucks! Thank you so much!

Will you make a heart connection with Halo?

Charity Hix has a Heart Connection with Molly - Thank you!!
Molly found another Heart Connection with Jane Gang

Molly is a 10yr old blind dog that came to us from a shelter in West Virginia.  Molly's plea was sent out to MANY rescues, but all rejected her due to her age and disability. Finally PWD was contacted and we couldn’t turn our back to this cute pup. Molly is a survivor, only weighing about 20 lbs. when picked up by animal control.  She was blind, malnourished and so weak, she could barely walk. Finally after some much needed TLC she gained weight and strength, and her mobility has returned to almost normal. Her personality has blossomed too. She is good with other dogs, but due to her history she is a little fearful of them getting into her bubble.

She loves her bed, food time, and when outside loves to snuggle in a bed of leaves, comforts she has never experienced. We think that one level living in a quiet environment would be best for her. She is a quiet easy pup to manage, she sleeps a lot. She can be placed with other dogs, but they should be patient and tolerant with her. We can't erase history for Molly but we can make her future bright, safe and trusting! 

She is in need of a "heart connection".

HOSPICE FOSTER HOME FOUND:  We continue to admire the hearts of "good people"! Molly's foster mom followed the website for over a month and finally felt compelled to come meet her when the request for a special foster home was posted. Even with all of Molly's  health concerns this kind woman had no hesitations to take her home. We all believe this is Molly's first real home, and she still seems a bit bewildered with her new surrounding but "she is  discovering what wonderful things live in kitchen cabinets" and that the "big cold box" has lots of food in it. Molly still naps most of the day and has  a cute little snore!"  A big heartfelt thank you to Molly's foster mom for opening her heart and home to Molly. We know they will have a wonderful journey together - one of love and understanding.

Molly  is still in in need of Heart Connections, as PWD will still be very involved with Molly's health and taking care of her medical bills. 

Molly going to her foster home

Jane Gentile found a Heart Connection with Bishop - thank you!

Bishop is a handsome 4-5 year old lemon  hound, who is deaf.  He  was surrendered to one of our Virginia shelters we partner with.  He is  about 50 lbs., fun, active, goofy pup, that will put a smile on your face.  He loves attention, and will curl up and lay on just about anything. He has flourished here at PWD and has made many new friends here. A sweet gentle soul good with people, cats and great with kids.  However, Bishop has some possession issues  with other dogs and so we do feel he does needs to be an only dog.   Bishop would do great in a secure  area or leash walking. 

UPDATE: Bishop’s life change here at PWD when very experience and compassionate foster person came to visit with some of our pups. She asked if she could help Bishop. (of our long timers here at PWD) This is her first experience with a hearing impaired dog and a hound! In his first days they have accomplished a lot together! Here is her first update

He had a better night last night. He is in the doggy suite now for while in preparation to a longer stay tomorrow when I go to work. Have only heard him bark once or twice. He is a sweet boy and it is funny, we are working on sitting before we go thru a doorway, and while he is getting the hang of it before we leave the house, going back in is another story. He is smart and knows what I want but he will actually turn his head away from me like a stubborn child how doesn’t want to do something. I have lots of time so I just wait til he decides to sit, however briefly, he gets a piece of kibble then we go in but it is so funny to see him actually turn his head as if to say, nope not doing it. I normally wouldn’t be doing this this soon but he is so smart, that I think he needs and can do these simple challenges. He gets a treat and a thumbs up sign each time he does something good. He gets a high value treat, a tiny piece of chicken, each time he potties outside as inside still is an issue.


Oct 1st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop has been amazing in short time he has been here. Has he been a perfect angel, no, but in just two weeks he has learned the signs for come, sit, wait and down. He sits and waits to go out and to come inside and he sits and waits for his breakfast and dinner. His leash manners vastly improved once he became comfortable with his new walking areas. Is he 100% no, but then who is, he is still a work in progress and with each day we practice, he improves a bit more and is proud of himself, you can see by the smile on his face.

With any dog, if you want them to do something you must first get their attention usually by calling, clapping etc. but Bishop is deaf so you have to get his attention another way. To help with this challenge, he just got a present, a vibrating collar. Over the next few weeks we will be working on training with him to understand that the jiggling of his collar means look to me for a command sign. This will be a learning experience for both of us, there will be lots of treats involved, chicken for him, hot fudge sundaes for me, He is so smart bet he does much better than me.

Bishop is thrilled to have visitors come to the house, male or female, young or old, he loves them all. He is respectful, does not jump but follows them everywhere in the house. He loves his walks, running in the yard and chilling on the deck. I know he would love to go hiking or jogging, something this foster would love to do with him but can’t ....Could you?


Oct 21st - Foster mom UPDATE: Bishop continues to amaze me. He is a love, full of energy who lives to explore new sights and smells...especially the smells as his nose works overtime. He would be a great walking or hiking companion provided he was always on a leash. He is always thrilled greet anyone he meets along the way with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging.  We had to abandon the vibrating collar as it really frightened him even set on the lowest setting and are now exploring others ways of communicating. As long as treats are part of this process Bishop is always happy to try


His Aunt Jane gave him two doggy puzzles and he ❤️ 💕 💗 the challenge ( and of course all the treats he uncovers)


July 2020 - Bishop is a sweet, quirky ,independent and stubborn guy and is a work in progress. He is not a couch potato, is quite active and loves to be able to see and be outside. He loves sleeping in the sun and watching the world go by from the security of my second story front deck. Inside, if anything is blocking his view he will remove it such as shades, blinds and curtains. His nose drives his brain, if he catches a scent, specially a rabbit he goes bonkers and should the rabbit run under the fence, he is lightening fast and will try his hardest to wiggle under after the bunny. As he is deaf he can’t hear if he is called so he will not respond to a recall and will be long gone in a heartbeat. To keep him safe, he is always leashed when we go outside. He loves his long walks everyday however he is a strong guy and at times can pull very hard on his leash so needs a strong handler. Would love to take him on car rides and trips but he get very car sick even with anti nausea meds

Bishop has a fairly active bladder which means multiple trips outside at dawn, during the day and evening hours are a must. He lets you know he needs to go outside by tipping things over, plants, small tables, fans etc., if it is on the floor, nothing is off limits , even the in floor air registers, he pulls them out of the floor. He repeats this quirky behavior when he decides it is his meal time. He can not be crated, if closed in a room, will destroy the door to get out and still can not go all day without an accident

He has learned hand signals and knows sit, wait and down. He loves people and long walks but is extremely picky about other dogs and can quite bossy I am told. I do not have a cat but understand he was fine with them? While he is normally fairly quiet, he has his moments of loud barking, not great if you have close neighbors


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