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Dogs Available Outside of PWD

The following dogs are available through other organizations or as independent placements by owners;   
Pets with Disabilities has not seen or evaluated these dogs. 
We present them solely as a courtesy to the organization or owner. 

Please contact them directly, using the email address in the posting, if you are interested in more information.

Email the following information to Your listing will be posted for 4 months
Your request MUST include:

  • ONE GOOD photo with PET'S NAME

  • the age, weight, gender, and spay/neuter status

  • the dogs location and your contact information

  • a BIO - length is not important - but it will be posted as written - we suggest it includes:
    1. Does it get along with dogs? cats? kids? -
    2. Type of play
    3. amount of activity required to keep them happy
    4. their good qualities
    5. why it needs a new home


Hi Everyone! Meet Luke!

Luke spent several months in the communal cat room at a local shelter before we brought him to our rescue. Within a day or two, we noticed something was wrong. He was thin, yet ate ravenously. He drank water by the bowlful and was lethargic. He was diagnosed with diabetes and began getting insulin twice a day. Thanks to a wonderful foster Mom, his health has returned. He still gets insulin twice daily and is on a special diet.

SPOT needs help placing this lovely boy into a proper home (not my computer room). He is VERY sociable and easy to care for - obviously he needs insulin each day and a special diet.

Please spread the Petfinder listing for us, and maybe someone will want to help him.

SPOT will pay for his food and insulin needs for life.

Southern Maryland Spay and Neuter
4860 St Leonard Road
St Leonard, MD 20685

  • Chi Chi
  • 8 year old, 60 lb spayed Female
  • Located in Pass Christian, MS (gulf coast)
  • Contact Heather Satchell for more information at 602-616-6975
  • Chi Chi is a VERY sweet sole with a quiet bark and a love for life.  She came into our rescue after her owner pleaded for help on Facebook.  He travels for a living and had come home to his dog in this condition - paralyzed and basically immobile.  Hoping that she would walk again, we took Chi Chi in, had her x-rayed and evaluated, but unfortunately her condition is irreversible.  Fortunately, it is not DM, so after we get her acclimated to her custom wheelchair, she will live a beautiful, active lifestyle.  Chi Chi is paralyzed from her chest down and needs help using the bathroom, but has no problem breathing and has some amazing upper body strength.  Chi Chi is protective of her loved ones at first, but warms up quickly to both dogs and people.  You can tell when she is excited that someone she knows and trusts has come to see her.  She is only a barker, not a biter.  She has been around kids and loves them, but we do not know how she is with cats.  She loves to sit outside and soak up the sun and play with toys.  She is such a happy dog and steals the hearts of everyone she meets.  Once she gets her mobility back, I can imagine her thriving as a player and walker, but she is happy just to be around the ones she loves.  She wants to be close to her people and is a typical loyal German Shepherd.  She is also heartworm positive and we are working on a plan to have this addressed.  As a rescue, we want to help every possible dog and while we ALL love Chi Chi, we unfortunately don't have the facilities to provide Chi Chi the home she needs which is why we are reaching out to those who can.  We will all miss her dearly, but know that we are doing for her what is needed so that she can be the best dog that she can be.

Hi I'm Roxy, a two year old deaf American Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

I came to the shelter as a stray & I'm a little nervous and I need time to warm up. I will need an experienced owner or an owner who is willing to take me to professional training so we can learn together. I would do best with young adults.  I may be able to go home with another dog, we'd have to meet first! I cannot go home with cats. I am looking for an active home that can exercise me daily.

Please call our Dog Adoption Center for more Information! 530-343-7917 X201.

Butte County, CA

What’s extraordinary about Courage is how absolutely normal she is. Despite her disability, Courage is a loving, friendly girl full of sloppy puppy kisses. She loves cuddling with her foster mom on the sofa and playing with her foster brothers and sisters. She adores a game of fetch and wants nothing more than to gnaw on a Nyla bone on a soft dog bed. This sweet girl has no idea that life could be any different. For Courage, every day is a new adventure and a joy.    

Courage’s backstory is a tragic one. Thrown off a deck in Mississippi by a cruel owner when she was just four months old, Courage was rescued by the owner’s nephew, who took her to a vet only to discover Courage’s spine had been severed. That’s when FOHA stepped in to save this sweet girl and to help her build a new life......

Please visit for all the information on Courage

Friends of Homeless Animals, Inc.
Pawtucket, RI 02861