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Dogs Available Outside of PWD

The following dogs are available through other organizations or as independent placements by owners;   
Pets with Disabilities has not seen or evaluated these dogs. 
We present them solely as a courtesy to the organization or owner. 

Please contact them directly, using the email address in the posting, if you are interested in more information.

Email the following information to Your listing will be posted for 4 months
Your request MUST include:

  • ONE GOOD photo with PET'S NAME

  • the age, weight, gender, and spay/neuter status

  • the dogs location and your contact information

  • a BIO - length is not important - but it will be posted as written - we suggest it includes:
    1. Does it get along with dogs? cats? kids? -
    2. Type of play
    3. amount of activity required to keep them happy
    4. their good qualities
    5. why it needs a new home


Bubba is 12 weeks old male yellow lab who weighs 20 pounds and is not neutered. He is at 145 Fairmount Rd. Ephrata, PA 17522. Sarah Eberly (717)572-8722, my email is

As a baby Buuba was injured so I took him to the vet and the vet thought that with physical therapy he would regain some feeling in his back legs. So for weeks I did multiple forms of therapy with him. I even taught him to swim with help and he loves it. However, when I took him back to the vet he hadn't made any progress so we did an X-Ray and found he really was paralyzed from the waist down. Being paralyzed though hasn't slowed him down at all and he is very loving. He loves other dogs, puppies, cats and even made friends with a goat. His favorite place to visit is the vet because he makes a lot of new friends and people give me a lot of attention. He likes to play outside and does fetch for a little. His favorite treat is a cheese stick and his favorite toy is a stuffed animal. The reason I am trying to find a home for him is because I'm pregnant and can no longer take care of him.      

Name: Dali
Age: 5 years
Weight: 40 pounds
Sex: spayed female
Location: Southern California Available to: CA, AZ, and NV areas
Contact info: 

Dali is a 5 yr old, spayed female, Pittie mix. In Dec. 2016 she was flown from Mexico to CA, after being hit by a car and being left paralyzed. Dali loves people and is very friendly. She is good with other dogs, cats, pigs, and horses (and currently lives with all of the above)! She would also be fine in a home with kids who treat her nicely and respect her.

Despite her disability, she gets around great and loves to explore and play! She is a very affectionate dog and has a silly personality. Her favorite toys are Benebones and antlers, as well as tennis balls! Her energy level is low-medium, and she can go on up to 30 minute walks in her cart.

Dali is looking for a forever-foster or adopter who can accommodate her special needs. Dali is paralyzed in her hind end, so she pulls herself around in a drag-bag (special bag designed to protect her from scrapes and rug burn) and uses her cart when outside to get around. She is also incontinent, meaning that she does not have control of her pee and poop, so she needs manually expressed. Dali is looking for a forever-foster or adopter who is available throughout the day to express her every few hours, to help prevent her from developing urinary tract infections and other urinary issues. She can wear diapers when out and about, playing and relaxing, to avoid accidents.

What is the difference between a forever-foster and an adopter? A forever-foster is a life-long foster home, who takes care of her daily needs and provides her a safe, loving home for the rest of her life, but our rescue will remain financially responsibility for her urinary/special needs medical needs and will remain her legal owner. An adopter, on the other hand, would become her legal owner and would be 100% financially responsible for her. Dali will come with her cart, drag bags, rubber paw booties, and washable pee pee pads.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Dali and seeing if she is a good match for your family!

Cathy R. Crockett, President
PAWS of Dale Hollow
P.O. Box 242
Byrdstown, TN 38549

Brownie is an 8 month old Redbone Coonhound possibly mix. He was found wandering down a rural country road in the rain. A very kind lady saw him and pulled over. She really didn't think the dog would let her get close but she was pleasantly surprised when he walked right up to her and gave her a big lick! His tail wagging all the time. She put him in her car and took him home. She went to work on making flyers and the next day she went back to the area that she found him and went to several farmhouses. She also went to several businesses and posted his picture with her contact information. She also called the paper and put an ad in there. After a week no calls. During that time that he had been with her though, she had discovered that Brownie was deaf. Sweet and loving but deaf. She wanted to do some training with him but was at a loss since he couldn't hear her. Sadly her own two older dogs were not tolerating Brownie's playfulness and they all had to be kept away from each other. All of this, a struggle for a single older lady. She contacted our rescue to see if we could help. Unfortunately we had no foster space available but she offered to keep him for a bit until we did have space. Off to the vet he went where he got a thorough physical. He was neutered and received testing and vaccinations. Everything checked out good and now he is ready to find his furever home with his furever family. Don't let distance stop you. In many cases transportation can be arranged.

Molly is a very sweet and special 6 year old 17 lb beagle looking for a home. She has a severe case of intervertebral disc disease resulting in hind-limb paralysis. She has a fitted wheelchair for movement and does very well in it. She is not able to urinate on her own. She requires manual bladder expression 3-4 times daily.  Her bladder expresses easily and an adopter can be taught to do this. She is currently receiving a few medications for pain and muscle relaxation. These medications will ideally be discontinued in the future. She has lived with other dogs in the past. I do not know her history with cats or children. She has been very friendly with all persons she has met thus far.

Molly is spayed and up to date on core vaccines. She is looking for a home with an experienced dog owner, or someone who has had handicapped pets in the past. Potential candidates will be carefully considered to ensure she finds a proper home. She is currently staying at a veterinary clinic. Please contact for inquiries. Thank you.

Hey everyone! My name is Lt. Dan and I am a year old mixed breed dog. We think I might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix or something, but one thing is for sure: I'm 100% handsome! I'm even more handsome with three legs! Your eyes do not deceive you: I am tripawed and a lucky boy. I am awesome with other dogs but my foster mom says I'm not that great with cats because oh boy do I like to chase them. I'm pretty food motivated and will take all of the snacks you'll give me... but I need a new family to help me watch my figure because of my disability.

Read ALL about me
Lt. Dan is located in HIGHLAND LAKES, NEW JERSEY.


Roxie is a 50lb, 5yr old, spayed American Staffordshire Terrier. She is the ambassador for ALL the wonderful things about this breed - loving, loyal, wanting to be involved in anything you are doing. She is good with other dogs - and surprisingly has a wonderful energy for what the day might bring.  This is surprising, because if we had endured what she has - we might not have such an optimistic outlook on life.

Roxie has 2 ruptured ear drums from lack care. She was an over bred, neglected female, producing litters of wonderful puppies and then finding herself in the local shelter. Her personality was so extraordinary, the Atlantic County SPCA decided to free up some shelter space and give her a "shot" at finding the perfect home.

She is being listed here - on the PWD courtesy list - not just because she has ruptured ear drums (she actually hears just FINE!) , but also because she will need a special home to understand and accommodate her "imbalance" tendencies.  Those ear drums are being treated - but, we are looking for a family with a HUGE heart, that will encourage and love her, even when she falls over.  Roxie will "fall" in mid stride - and then get up.  She will climb a couple of stairs, and might fall coming down them. The local vets have diagnosed her with "Canine vestibular". Whatever the cause - it has absolutely NO impact on her or her joy for life.  She just gets up - doesn't even need to shake it off.

We would love a family where Roxie would NOT have to go over a flight of stairs to be with her people. A family that has an outdoor life she could participate in (she would love to help milk the cows or groom the horses). We are going to do further testing - but, sometimes you just need to accept what is in front of you, open your heart, and share the love.

Roxie is located in south Jersey - call 609-927-9059 for more info on Roxie - she will NOT disappoint you.

Around one year old,
11 pounds, female, not yet spayed (waiting for her platelets to increase)
Midland, Texas (940) 597-0658

Doodle was hit by a car and left at the vet clinic I work at. She was going to be euthanized, but I decided to take her and try to find a permanent home for her. She was likely homeless for a long time, as I pulled at least 150 ticks off of her, she was underweight, and her fur was severely matted. She is currently on antibiotics for ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis (two treatable tick diseases). She is a terrier mix, around 1 year old.

She LOVES babies and small children, and she would do very well in a home with other dogs. She is energetic and loves to chew on bones and chew toys. She is very smart and loves to play tug of war. She almost has potty training down - she just needs a few more weeks of us working with her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, loves to snuggle, and is not food or toy aggressive.

I wish I could keep her, but my 9-year-old black lab is aggressive towards other dogs and I really don't want to risk Doodle getting hurt. I plan on moving overseas for vet school next year, and the school will not allow me to have two dogs in the dorm with me. Please help me find Doodle a forever home! She is the sweetest dog, and she deserves a good home.

She is a paraplegic dog

Laura Rogers! Iím from Haines City, Florida 33844

Cell Phone: (413) 883-7760 Email: 

My dog is in a wheelchair paralyzed from the lower back down to his feet tips. We have tried laser treatments, we have tried acupuncture, we have tried steroids, and JinTang medicine. Very expensive, and no results. I have a very young child he runs over and she gets hurt. We also have just learned after multiple tests that our daughter is allergic to him and has developed a rash. We donít want to end his life at all!!!! He needs to have a life and someone with time and love to share. We love our dog and hate that he canít be with us. Also he needs extra love and care. He canít go to the bathroom alone, so he needs relief help too.

His name is Fenway, cream male, neutered, microchipped, 30-35 pounds, 6 years old, born October 15, 2022 from a breeder. Current on vaccinations. Leashed trained, Listens to ďsit, stayĒ, not vicious to anyone. Very friendly and loving and cuddly. No food obsession. Sleeps in his cage in our living room. VERY big cage.

Fenway has a sensitive stomach and he eats Pure Balance - Veal and Pea once a day, 1-2 cups.

He is a flat faced dog, he gets really excited and breathes heavy.

He will come with his wheelchair.

Here are some photos. Please let me know if you can help our family or if you know someone who can. We are heartbroken about this decision, but we want whatís best for him.

Maya is 2.5 years old.
She weighs 15 pounds and is a dachshund mix.
She is spayed and up to date on shots.

We are located in central Oklahoma
and my phone number is 405-474-8986
and my email is

Maya is a such an energetic girl with an incontinence special need from an accident that happened when she was 6 months old. The only solution up until this point has been baby diapers (size 2). She wears them all the time when she is inside and since the owner is in an apartment, this is a lot. She loves to run and jump and play with other dogs outside and needs to be in a home with a fence so she can run around and play!

Her owner is a graduate student and never foresaw this accident and this level of upkeep when getting a dog and wants to re-home her to give her the best life possible. She is the best listener and knows many commands and is definitely a licker that just needs some extra TLC.


Buddy is a neutered, 14 year old toy poodle. He is sweet , affectionate, housebroken, loves people and gets along with dogs and cats.

Buddy was given to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation when his elderly owner passed away .He was loved and cared for in his previous home and knows how to share this love with everyone he meets. He is curious, loves short walks, exploring in the yard or sitting in a lap.

Buddy has limited vision in one eye which does not interfere with his mobility. He also has a heart murmur and he requires daily meds to keep it under control. This sweet boy doesnít act his age and has a personality to make you smile every day. He is currently living in Bethesda with a foster family. For more information, contact his foster at

My name is Bridget Stonemetz and I am an adoptions coordinator at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. We are located on the eastern end of Long Island in New York.

In December of 2017, Papito survived Hurricane Maria and fell into the arms of ARF. He is a three-year-old chihuahua mix, sadly, born without eyes. Papito, of course, does not know of his disability and is quite content with just sitting in the laps of our staff and having a book read to him. It was quite a miracle to think that he survived the streets of Puerto Rico for three years, and even a hurricane before we rescued him.

This little man is very sweet and has found some confidence wearing his halo. Due to his congenital abnormality (no eyes), our shelter has had a difficult time trying to find this little man a home. We were hoping youíd be able to help us either by cross posting or perhaps finding a foster home. For more information about Papito and our organization, feel free to visit our website or give me a call!

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons
631-537-0400 ext. 203

P.S. I have attached a few pictures and a link to a video of Papito

Meet Bennie!

Bennie is an approximately 1 year old male black Labrador retriever who was found in China on the streets, with his back spine completely dislocated. He could not feel or move his legs so Bennie was unable to move or walk; his body was paralyzed. Luckily, compassionate rescuers found him and brought him to safety where he had surgery with the hopes he'd recover.

Bennie, after a few months of healing, still is not able to walk on his own. He has been given a set of wheels to assist on walks and play time. Bennie does not allow his condition to set him back. Bennie has just as much energy as a puppy should and he LOVES to play! He gets along great with other dogs, cats, and loves getting affection and pets from people! Bennie has been in a rehab facility since heís been in the United States. He is the sweetest boy and deserves a loving forever home!

Are you in love like we are?
Please apply to adopt at
email -