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Pets with Disabilities has established
the Duke & Misty
Memorial Fund

The sole purpose of the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund is to provide funding to support the needs of paralyzed wheelchair dogs.  These funds will be used to accept wheelchair dogs into the rescue program, for educational and support resources, and to seek out extraordinary people to help dogs like Duke and Misty find their way to a better life.  This is surely a great way to honor their life.  

Our goal is to begin accepting wheelchair dogs into the rescue program.  This goal will require additional funding for staff, vetting, and equipment.  We estimate it will be $5000/dog.

Duke and Misty (and of course Joyce and Mike) are looking for caring, focused donors to help with expanding our program

Wheelchair dogs are usually the last to be helped by people and rescue groups. PWD wants to offer a safe haven here for these dogs while they wait for their special families, but we need your financial help to accomplish this.

We would like to acknowledge a major contributor and give a big THANK YOU to Annie Schulhof for believing in our mission and hope that we can find others like Annie.  There are so many dogs waiting for us.

Click here to see the dogs benefiting and how to contribute


The Pets with Disabilities Story

PWD is celebrating 10 yrs of rescue efforts this year (2010)… and it all began with a little 6 mo old, white headed shelter pup that broke his back during some “puppy play” 2 mos after we adopted him. Duke, this regal german shepard mix, changed our lives and has impacted 1000’s of others that he has met.

In an effort to learn how we could provide Duke with a productive, healthy life - even with a broken back - we discovered there were very limited resources available—and even fewer “animal welfare people” that acknowledged the value his life had as a disabled dog. We knew our dog - and we knew he may not be able to walk on all 4 legs anymore, but his spirit wasn’t broken.

Duke quickly had an assistant in his work - Misty! Misty sat in a NYC shelter for 5 YEARS, paralyzed and overlooked. Once we adopted Misty, she became quite a “spokes-dog” for her cause. People started looking at her, seeing the life in her eyes, and the heart she wanted to share and commented on what a wonderful dog she was, and “How could she had been in a shelter so long?”  Duke and Misty have changed attitudes and perceptions.

For 8 years, while Mike and Joyce both had full time jobs, they traveled to events and expos’ to speak on behalf of these wonderful spirits and set-up a website to post animals needing help. Due to the constant need, they decided to expand their efforts and build a rescue barn, in order to help more dogs. In 2007, Joyce made a huge decision to close her small business and volunteer FULL time on behalf of the disabled animals. 

With the expansion of the rescue, she committed herself totally to helping these dogs in need.  Many people that visit the website, think it’s a huge organization, when in fact, it’s one person and some caring volunteers. Joyce takes no salary for her hours and hours of work This is a labor of love. 

Duke and Misty have both passed on after long productive lives, but left us with a mission and the experience of their everlasting spirits.  Dogs traveling in wheelchairs have the most courageous nature and giving hearts.  We hope with the expansion of the rescue again, thru the Duke and Misty Memorial Fund, we are able to help many of them find their potential with special families.

CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE for information about living with a wheelchair dog

Looking for OR Donating a wheelchair to Pets with Disabilities

We will ALWAYS accept wheelchair donations here at Pets with Disabilities - it doesn't matter the size or condition.  When we receive a wheelchair, Mike "tunes it up", replaces necessary parts, and gives it a good cleaning - then it's ready to help the next dog "get rollin".  We have decided to make these wheelchairs available for purchase - for $200 - with all the proceeds going to support the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund.  

Email Joyce with your dogs height and weight - and we'll see if we have a wheelchair available in that size.  If there is a wheelchair available - Mike will email you the necessary measurements to take so he can fit the chair to your dog - if you live close to the rescue and can bring your dog to him, he'll be happy to fit it personally.

the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund Benefactors!! 
Wonderful spirits that found their extraordinary people!!


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