People that have the capacity to look beyond the disability and are willing to form a bond with a dog who needs a home are inspiring when dealing with so many others that don't have that capacity. We live in a society where there are just too many animals - sad but true.  We also have countless rescues, shelters, etc., of every size, shape and breed specialty.  All of them working hard to tug on your heart for help -- and so they should. 

We are no different - except in one telling wayAll of our animals are disabled.  They are the dogs that are overlooked because of what people can see on the outside - people typically aren't willing to take the time to see the wagging tail of the deaf dog chasing the ball across the yard, or the blind dog going up a flight of stairs to get the treat or hug they know is waiting for them, or watch the 3 legged dog run like the wind with their friends in the joy of living.  We also are able to give our dogs the gift of TIME... whatever time is needed to healing, changing, adjusting...  even if it means spending the rest of their life here

We look to you to help the dogs that are here waiting for those people that will take the time to see the unbroken spirit of our dogs.  Our rescue stands alone in this regard.  You can not come and visit us and find a dog that isn't blind, deaf, in a wheelchair, etc.  Although disabled to the unknowing eye, these animals are really just living their own "normal".  (As all the heroes seen above would attest to!) 

Since you have reached this page....  you are most likely a person that HAS the capacity to look beyond the disability - THANK YOU!
We offer the following ways to help the dogs and help us continue our mission

A donation in any amount as every penny goes directly to the animals

Make a Heart Connection with a specific dog on our website.
This special connection is noted with the dog you are drawn to support. Life does not allow the dog to live in your home, but we have found this financial connection facilitates a real spiritual and energetic connection for the dog.  They somehow KNOW someone is rooting for them. The donation is $350 and if you are interested in a "heart connection" please click on the link and let us know which dog you are drawn to.

We work very hard to keep our Amazon Wish List updated - please visit often. 

ORDER Pets with Disabilities MERCHANDISE

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts now available - order as a gift or to treat yourself. Please contact Kristy at  for information on the current selection of merchandise.
All proceeds support the mission at PWD.

HEALING HEARTS -Critical Care Team
Join a team of caring individuals supporting the extraordinary efforts of Pets with Disabilities. We have several fund raisers every year to support our rescue efforts.  We anticipate each dog coming into the rescue program will require $1000-$1500 in “typical” medical needs – and our fundraisers help us cover those costs.  Once a dog is accepted at PWD, we make a COMMITMENT to that dog - whatever it takes, for however long they need.  We can see the obvious external needs of a dog, but until they get to our vetting team, we really don't know what the real medical implications will be to help a dog become as healthy as they can be. The “Healing Hearts – Critical Care Team” is necessary to provide on-going, available funds to cover the extraordinary cases we encounter.
EVERY dog that comes into this rescue, requires specialized vet services - unlike many rescues, they need much more then just vaccinations and altering.

All the dogs at Pets with Disabilities, have special needs, otherwise they would not be here. In today's society dogs and cats can no longer get sick, old or physically disabled. Whether they were abandoned, rejected or someone's life changed and they no longer fit in, they are counting on us to help them transition to a new life. They will either stay with us, or they will be rehomed carefully to the right people or families. So if you see a dog in our rescue that tugs out your heart please send us a "heart connection" request. Thank You!!


Please help us continue to be a voice for the unbroken spirit of the disabled dog. 
They truly give us a chance to witness miracles of spirit -
we can only accomplish this with your support.

P.S. Our goal is NOT to have you "feel sorry" for any of the dogs that have found Pets with Disabilities.

If you've made it to THIS point in our website - we HOPE you have a smile in your heart and want to be a part of this extraordinary effort to open hearts and change attitudes.

Every living being has a higher purpose - if they can only find the connections to help them achieve it.

Every dog at Pets with Disabilities has FOUND US (we do NOT go looking for dogs) -so any help you can provide will be assisting a living being on their journey to higher purpose. 

We (and they) THANK YOU

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