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Because their spirits aren't broken

Pets with Disabilities - the making of the organization offering a voice for disabled pets
(a little peak into our reality)

Ten years ago, Mike and I went down to our local rescue to adopt a new member of the family.  We saw this vibrant young shepherd mix, and knew he was the one to join us.  We brought him home and promptly named him Duke.   

Duke was a wonderful, typical puppy who added lots of excitement and joy to our home.  We had no idea he was about to change our lives forever.  2 months after adopting Duke, he was playing with another puppy and had a tragic accident, severing his spinal cord.  At 6 months old our vibrant young rescue dog was in a wheelchair.  Well guess what, Duke was still vibrant and young - he just had special needs.  When we adopted Duke and took him home it was a commitment, thru sickness and health until death do us part – he was a member of our family. So many people forget that adopting a dog is a commitment, and once their dog gets ill or sick they still need to commit to caring for them.

A few months later we heard about another pup named Misty, living in a NY shelter for over 5 years.  Nobody wanted Misty because she had hind leg problems.  Hundreds and Hundreds of people passed her cage, not even giving her a chance.  We went to NY and adopted her immediately. For years Misty became quite a “spokes-dog” for her cause.  People started looking at her, seeing the life in her eyes, and the heart she wanted to share and commented on what a wonderful dog she was, and “How could she had been in a shelter so long?”. 

After loving our wheelchair dog Duke, and seeing the impact Misty had on people, and realizing there was no support system or education available for people dealing with disabled pets, Pets with Disabilities was incorporated to be that support system for these animals with no voice.

For 8 years, while Mike and I both had full time jobs…. We traveled to events and expos’ to speak on behalf of these wonderful spirits, we set-up a website to post animals needing help, at one point we had 12 disabled animals living in our home – and due to the constant need and 100’s of requests for help, we decided to expand our efforts and build our rescue barn, in order to help more dogs. 

Last year I made a huge decision to close my small business and volunteer FULL time on behalf of the disabled animals.  

With the expansion of the rescue, I committed myself totally to the helping these dogs in need.  Many people that visit our website, think we are a huge organization, when in fact, I am a one person show.   I take no salary for my hours and hours of work, and have no paid help and a small core group of volunteers.   This is a labor of love. 

Pets with Disabilities is a rescue, not a dumping ground for people's dogs who have become incontinent.  Guardians/ Owners, shame on you for not being there when your dog gets hurt. When you adopt a dog, it is a commitment; changing your life for a dog you love is what being a human is all about. 

Rescue groups who have taken in a wheelchair dog. Thank you!! Our rescue can’t take them all, it is physically and financially impossible.  We help as many as we can.  Please realize it will take time and patience to get these dogs adopted.  But they deserve to live and given that second chance at finding a new home. That is what rescue work is all about.   

Donations are down, but we continue to help as many dogs as we can. Unfortunately money does not grow on trees.  We have created a safe and wonderful environment for these dogs in need.  They flourish here, and adoptions and miracles are happening here everyday.  I have met the most wonderful folks who have adopted our dogs, amazing and incredible people who just "got it".   They understand these dogs are different but can still be an incredible part of the family and they have.  Cheers to you guys and thank you.  I only wish there were more people on earth like you. 


(Please visit our "In Memoriam" page to meet the other wonderful spirits that assisted us.)

The wonderful spirits that make Pets with Disabilities  
their permanent home

The Sanctuary Pets
These dogs and cats have been rescued and adopted by us. Several had been rehomed and returned to the shelter, others were just unwanted due to their disability. We have made the decision that this will be their last stop. We we will care for these dogs and cats for the remainder of their lives.  We welcome your support.

Huey, is a bright and handsome Border Collie rescued by our wonderful friends at Glen Highland Farm in Dec 2005. After rescuing him, they soon discovered  Huey was deaf. They emailed us a picture and his story and we became a part of the Glen Highland Farm Family. Since being with us, Huey has learn many of the most important hand signs, and has definitely added lots excitement to our PWD family. 
PWD Angel Thank you Kelly Rende for being Huey's angel!

Thank you Amy Sullivan for being an angel to Huey!

Meet Dixie.  Dixie was hit by a car which shattered both her legs and hips. Dixie is the sweetest little terrier.  She maintains a calm, "life is good" attitude - being the example for the other dogs.

PWD Angel Thank you, Barb and Mike McGinty, great friends of our organization, for continued support for Dixie's care.

Thank you Carla LaGrassa for being an angel to Dixie

An eleventh hour rescue! Ernie a young Samoyed, was rescued by Pets with Disabilities, two hours before he was to be euthanized. Ernie, tragically hurt himself, and now is no longer able to use his back legs. Ernie spent a month at Ocean State Animal Hospital, in Rhode Island, hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately for Ernie, that miracle never happened, and his guardians were not in the position to care for a dog with special needs. Pets with Disabilities stepped in on Ernie's behalf and outfitted him with a new wheelchair and he will now live his life with others like him! We are looking for angels for Ernie's continued medical care, please donate to Ernie's cause. Thank you.

PWD Angel

Otto & Roarke Henderson are angels for Ernie

Sweet Megan-her big hound smile says it all.  Megan is totally blind, and was found wondering in a lumber yard. She was scheduled to be euthanized by a rural county pound in Virginia, until Pets with Disabilities swept in and rescued her.  

Within minutes of her arrival, she managed to navigate her way around the rescue brilliantly, by her sense of smell and paw touch.  We soon discovered Megan has a huge purpose here at the rescue...  she has offered to welcome all guests and make new rescue dogs feel at home. (Obviously,  we fell in love with this dog,  she brings a smile to all that meet her.)  She is a great couch cuddler - and is the self proclaimed "mayor" of PWD - happy to greet all visitors - human and canine.... and if you bring a treat, she'll be very grateful!

PWD Angel Thank you Kevin Conley for being Megan's angel

PIERCE came to PWD in March 2009 after spending the first 3 years of his life trapped in a shelter kennel.  He, along with dozens of other dogs were held for 3 years, pending an animal cruelty court case in PA.  During this time, they had no time outside, no human interaction, dogs were in-breeding because they couldn't be vetted - it was awful.  The last 6 months of the court case, a wonderful group of volunteers were allowed into the shelter to help socialize the dogs - and once the case was settled - helped get them out!  

PIERCE came to the rescue very shy and fearful... having never eaten out of a bowl, never climbed stairs, never slept on a couch - needing to learn to trust humans and handle what the world has to offer. We allowed Pierce as much time as he needed to trust us and get comfortable in the rescue facility.  He has been living with Joyce in her home - expanding his world a little more - getting used to the dishwasher, and bathroom sounds, and people knocking at the door.  He's done really well....  and Joyce has found out, he's a great cuddler in bed at night - and he loves cats!! In other words, after more then a year in the rescue program, it's been decided that Pierce is home.

PWD Angel

Thank you Lilly & Maggie Thompson
for being Pierce's angels

Sandy was abandoned after her person died.  Neighbors rallied around her but no one wanted her.   Finally an older retired gentleman stepped in to help her and ask us to help her find a forever home.

Sandy is true  survivor.  Her vertebra is fused.  She was most likely hit by a car with no treatment, as a result her back end is not always in sync with her front end.  As she is  walking/running, occasionally her back end will slip out, but she gets right back up and continues onward.  She is a good sport and handles her disability like a champ.  With her keen eyesight and sharp hearing she will often chase a squirrel or rabbit out of the area. Sandy's beautiful blond coat is a perfect match for her radiant personality. She is smart dog, follows directions very well, and a very loyal protective friend.  She definitely  exhibits the traits of the true German Shepherd spirit.  

PWD Angel

Thank you Frank Spina for being an angel for Sandy

Thank you Rosalie Buck for being Sandy's angel

This past year has been a tough year for Mike and I, losing 3 sanctuary dogs in the past 4 months our home seemed empty! Then along came Nikki (now named Lucy), we both instantly connected to her tail wagging happiness and spirit! 

She fit in with all of the dogs, especially Huey who definitely needed a new buddy!  Lucy is a young charismatic dog, who enjoys playing with the all the dogs including the wheelchair dogs, going on trail walks,  playing with tennis balls but most importantly she has brought smiles and happiness back into our home! Thank you Lucy!  

PWD Angel

Lucy has an angel in memory and honor of Cassie - Thank You

Hank decided PWD was the place he needed to be, and Mike and I agree.  He has fit into our group like a glove, a fun loving playful boy, and for the first time we have toys all over our home from Hank.  We have always had a basket of toys, but not much interest until Hank came along.  He also enjoys hanging with the wheelchair dogs, all very cool. We all love his  positive canine energy, it’s totally contagious… It was fun to see Hank realize what a home is all about, dog beds, biscuits, never ending toys, and a love!

We rescued Hank from our friends at Regional Animal Shelter. Hank lost his paw, most likely from hunting trap, and now has become our first candidate for a fitted prosthetic.  He loves his "new paw" and each day he feels more comfortable running on all 4 legs again.

PWD Angel

Thank you Millie Groobey for being an angel to Hank

This is the face of love! Charlotte has no use of her back legs and one front leg does not work well either. But no worries...Charlotte now lives with us! And finally enjoying the good life. After many years of living in isolation and being bred - Charlotte has long since forgotten about her past and has gotten quite accustom to being spoiled!

Welcome Charlotte you have made it to a better life!

PWD Angel

Thank you Jessie & Elizabeth Forsberg for being an angel to Charlotte

Thank you Tonya Gott for being an angel to Charlotte

Age: 7 year old
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix
Disability:  Blind - 50lbs -
unsocialized, cautious, fearful but NOT aggressive with humans or dogs.

Blaze  suffered  severe eye trauma resulting in his blindness, most likely a hunting accident.  His right eye was extremely painful and  needed a total eye enucleation.  Blaze had his eye enoculated and has healed beautifully. 

All of Blaze's medically issues have finally been addressed and he is definitely  per our vet "medically stable."  He will remain on a kidney diet, (which we will provided by PWD and will continue taking prozak prescribed by our internist to help with his social anxiety.    He has been on his meds for many months and has seem to help him. Over time Blaze has gotten very comfortable with us, routine and his environment, so remain here for the rest of his life.

PWD Angel

Thank you to The Dover Family
for being Blaze's angel!

Thank you  Robert Amos for being an angel for Blaze

Thank you Kristen Tlachac & Kevin Regalia
for being an angel for Blaze

Thank you to Pamela Miller for being Blaze's angel!

Name: Clyde
Age:    6 years old
Disability:   3 legged and has some neurological damage.
Breed/Weight: Shepherd/hound mix 45 pounds.

History:  We rescued Clyde from an extremely  neglectful and sad situation.  Clyde has suffered severe nerve damage which left his rear leg dragging for months, an amputation was needed as soon as he arrived.  He was thin, scared and uncertain about his new life here but now that he has received MUCH needed medical attention, food and some reassurance life and other dogs can be safe, he is settling here.

Unfortunately, we have no idea how Clyde suffered  his nerve damage, as a result his back end is not as strong as his front end.  He is a trooper and does the best he can on 3 legs.  He has handled his disability like a champ.  He will remain here for the rest of his life due to his lifetime health needs.

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Jessica Clark for being Clyde's angel!

Thank you to Pamela Miller for being Clyde's angel!

Maverick will remain in our care due, we feel it is in his best interest not to move him again due to his seizure activity.


Note: Maverick is on several medications for seizures, and a particular dog food that works for him, he receives meds in the morning and evening and dog food can be found easily online or a local feed and farm store. Medications will be provided by the rescue. Our vet noted, dogs with seizures do need to stay on a strict routine and not to deviate from his schedule too much.

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Teddy Schaeffer
for being Maverick's angel!

Thank you Rosalie Buck for being Maverick's angel

Siri will remain at PWD for her life. After a very tough life, she is happy and  comfortable at the rescue and we feel it is in her best interest not to move her again.

Name:  SIRI
Age: 12 years old
Disability: Blind
Breed/Weight:  Mix breed,  40 pounds

SIRI - 12 yrs old, came to us blind with an open gaping wound in her head

UPDATE: Siri has undergone 2 surgeries to repair her head wound and broken jaw,  she still is recuperating and has a few more procedures planned. She now has a great appetite and has  gained some much needed weight.

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Alexandra Fenton for being Siri's angel!

Thank you to Pamela Miller for being Siri's angel!

Gilda will remain at PWD for her life. Her mammary tumor removal shows signs of the cancer spreading.  She is having a great time at PWD, is happy and alert, so will spend her life here with us.

Name: Gilda
Age: 11 years old 
Disability" Large mammary tumor (will be hopefully be removed this week)
Breed/Weight: Mutt/45 lbs.

Gilda has a large mammary tumor we are hopeful it is benign and can be surgically removed so she can live many more happy and healthy years.

PWD Angel

Thank you to Pamela Miller for being Gilda's angel!

Kobe will remain at PWD for her life. Due to Kobe's complicated medical issues - he will become a permanent resident at PWD.

Name:  Kobe
Age: 5 years
Disability:  Healed broken back leg, limps but functional
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd mix, 70 pounds

History: Kobe was definitely someone's "junk yard dog", a very neglected outside dog, who has suffered at the hands of humans. Kobe is on a special diet - and will potentially need to continue for the rest of his life.

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Island Creek Associates, LLC
for being Kobe's angels!

Thank you to  Kristen, Geoff & Kevin
for being Kobe's angels!

Thank you Janet Cromer for being Kobe's angels!

Thank you to Pamela Miller for being Kobe's angel!

Janie IS not physically disabled, but our hearts went out to help this little girl that landed in our local shelter with extreme medical needs. She was at the shelter for almost a month with NO group or adopter wanting to take her on. Besides routine vet care, Janie had tumors all over her body and was in desperate need of dental care.  We stepped up on her behalf to get all the necessary vet care;  her tumors were removed, dental was done and now she is a happy healthy girl and will spend the rest of her life in the care of PWD.
PWD Angel

Thank you to Jane Reid for being Janie's Angel

Bennie is a 5 year old  beagle. He was rescued back in 2012. Bennie was relinquished by a beagle  breeder, when he was born blind. 

Benny was diagnosed bilateral cataracts, and luckily he had successful surgery and we were able to make him visual!  Bennie was then adopted into a wonderful beagle home.

Due to the death of his caretaker, he has been welcomed back to PWD. Bennie will remain at PWD for the remainder of his life.

Harley, a blind beagle, was relinquished by a military family back in 2009. (they were deployed and unfortunately could not take him with them) Soon, Harley found a fantastic  beagle loving family and remained there until his caretaker recently passed away.  Harley has been welcomed back here, and will remain at PWD for the remainder of his life.    

PWD Angel

Thank you Rosalie Buck for being Harley's angel

Please welcome PWD's newest feline friend additions. Word had spread quickly around the rescue community that we were looking for an FIV + cat for a companion to our current FIV kitty. ...

"Tommy" was rescued from our local public shelter where he become a quick staff favorite, but was tested for FIV and it came back positive. At that point his future was bleak. The shelter staff heard we were looking to add an FIV positive kitty to our rescue - and contacted us. The same day we made a commitment to "Tommy" we received an email from a local vet hospital that had a female FIV positive kitty with a broken leg that had healed that was in need of of a new home. "Pumpkin" is her name, and she is a very petite, sweet, shy girl who the vet obviously fell in love with.

We were excited to give a new home to both of them, so the rest is history and they are now part of the PWD family. We would like to think they are two pretty lucky kitty cats.



PWD Angel  Be a Pets with Disabilities Angel!
All the dogs at Pets with Disabilities, have special needs, otherwise they would not be here. In today's society dogs and cats can no longer get sick, old or physically disabled. Whether they were abandoned, rejected or someone's life changed and they no longer fit in, they are counting on us to help them transition to a new life. They will either stay with us, or they will be rehomed carefully to the right people or families. So if you see a dog in our rescue that tugs out your heart please become his or her angel. Thank You!!

For $350 (less then $1/day) - you can matter in the life of a dog - Receive an "angel magnet" of your dog or for just $30/month - sponsor a dog living at PWD or waiting for their forever home.

Our Rescue Facility -
We believe in treating animals the way we would like to be treated. Our facility has all the comforts of a cozy home. My husband and I have worked and thought very hard to make a difference in the sheltering of our dogs in rescue. We also wanted our volunteers to enjoy their work. The rescue is behind our home and sits before acres of forest. We believe our facility is one of a kind in our area. 

The "Barn" -

From the outside - the building looks like a modern barn - but it should be called "the PWD doggie apartment building".  Each apartment is furnished with a sofa, dog beds, lamps, and most important each apartment has a window. We believe light is essential for all living creatures. At night the rescue room is lit by soft blue night lights in each apartment. For the human volunteers and adopters we have a very unique collection of antique lunch boxes bordering the room. The rescue has central air conditioning and heat. There is a TV and or music piped in for the residents in our rescue. Also, no dog runs here at PWD - the dogs get free access to the approximately three fenced acres around the barn several times a day.

The "Barn" - second floor

The PWD "apartment building" as a second floor that holds the administrative offices and dog friendly furniture.  Several times throughout the day, dogs will come hang upstairs for some quality time, more like in a home environment.

The Annex -

The PWD facility also has 2 Annex apartments - these are used for dogs that need to recuperate from surgery or need a quiet environment - as many of the heart worm positive dogs coming into rescue require.  They have their own fenced area around the buildings.  They also have heat, AC, windows, and music playing for the dogs.

Each apartment and annex are equipped with remote access cameras - so the caretakers have 24hr monitoring of the facility if necessary.


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